Congratulations Kristi!

It was a big weekend for South Dakota’s Congresswoman. Here are some video interviews of her graduation.

CBS This Morning has another great interview here.

14 Replies to “Congratulations Kristi!”

  1. Bill Fleming

    Good work Kristi. Congrats! Now, let’s be for making sure everyone has that same advanced education opportunity.

    1. duggersd

      Everyone does have the same advanced education opportunity. The problem is certain people believe someone else should pay for it. Currently the state universities are subsidized by a large degree already. Considering the average student can go to a state university for around $13,000/year with no help, that ain’t bad.

        1. Anonymous

          Just a few years ago it was at $13,000, my daughter was there. The Board of Regents keep jacking up the costs . . . way above inflation. I would guess that activity fees probably are about $2000 of that amount.

        2. Anonymous

          I went by my daughter’s expenses from this year at School of Mines. Granted, I was going from memory and not receipts. I believe that graphic you have is for next year. Regardless, it is still a very good deal. My daughter is going to graduate without owing a dime. Yes, she has had some scholarships. She earned those. She also worked in a pizza joint since she was 15 and saved enough money so that she will not have to take out any loans. Also, you can deduct the room and board if you happen to live in the town. My main point, though, is even with the number you have, higher education is still heavily subsidized by the state. If it was not, you would have tuition in the neighborhood of $25,000-$30,000. Don’t believe me? Check out the state private schools. They are non-profit.

  2. Anonymous

    At the end of the day Rep. Noem can always be counted on to say “at the end of the day”. She’s like a parrot of Sen. Thune. AWWWK! At the end of the day. At the end of the day. AWWWK!

  3. LK

    I’m curious if the CBS coverage was biased? God knows that the media never gives Kristi fair and balanced reporting.

    1. ymous

      Do you take all the deductions your entitled to? Have congress dismantle the farm support system and deductions or subsidies. Your BS is really old. As a business man I take every deduction, tax credit and subsidy I am legally entitled to. If you dont on your taxes I cant help stupid.

  4. oldguy

    14:40 does Kristi get farm subsidies? I would think Cory would be like Bill and give credit when it is do but I guess when you really really don’t like somebody that’s hard to do.

    1. Les

      What credit is due OG? HR347 should get her some credit. Anyone guarded by the secret service creates a zone with no public demonstrations in sight of that guarded official. So it means, only demonstrations out of sight and sound of our protected gov officials. That can mean campaign workers etc. Barrack blocked me on FaceBook, how do I get his attention? Oh well, I guess it’s about time for more hopey change. 200+ years is long enough for that old constitution. Rep Noem has yet to vote against constitution limiting legislation. She’s now running with the President. Duh, DUH, splain that to me!

      BTW, the companion bill in the Senate (S.1794 passed with unanimous consent, no voting records were kept of which Senators approved. Cowards? Or, like a few of our own, it’s not right but we have that authority.

  5. Anooner

    Can’t say I followed this that closely, but I did notice quite a few bashing the coverage of her before anything even aired. Are there specific things found to be in error with the grad piece or the kelo reporting? Or was the railing against the media made out of premptive paranoia?