District 23 Libertarian Senate Candidate Abernathey sued in small claims court for not paying rent

A filing was made this week in McPherson County in small claims court against District 23 Libertarian State Senate Candidate Carl W (or CJ) Abernathey, Jr.    According to the filing with the UJS, Abernathey is being accused of skipping out on his rent to “In Town Rentals” of Eureka.

According to the document filed with the 5th Circuit, Claim is being made against Abernathey for $4358.90 for unpaid rent and costs remaining on one year lease agreement, with a court date currently set for July 28th at 10AM, according to the Small Claims Lawsuit notice, which you can read here:

Libertarian State Senate Candidate CJ Abernathey sued in Small Claims court by Pat Powers on Scribd

If you recall, this isn’t the first time Abernathey has what many would consider embarrassing financial issues come up.

Back in October, Abernathey put out a plea on Facebook because he owed a bail bond company in North Carolina $1500.  Which, if you owe a bond company, it’s generally because a person didn’t show up for court, after you or someone signed an agreement with the bond company to guarantee a defendant shows up for their court appearance.

Both of these instances came up BEFORE he submitted his name to run for the State Senate as a Libertarian in 2020.

Currently scheduled to be heard on July 21st, if Abernathey contests that he owes the money, the court date will likely be shifted to a later date, but may likely be heard before the November election.

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  1. John Dale

    The economic traps set in our “system” should be redressed. I think a lot of poor and abused people run for office to try to fix aspects of the system that created hardship (some aspects of the system were designed that way). I agree with Tucker Carlson – reforming the system to create a fair playing field is very, very important.

    So, I’m not going to rush to point a finger and laugh at this man’s hardship, because I know from personal experience the abuses and fascistic tendencies that can emanate from people with power and wealth, and that’s un-american.

    1. Anon

      I wouldn’t feel overly sorry for him. Take a look at his Facebook page. The kid is out there. From what I understand, he was a marine (which I respect the heck out of), is living off his VA disability, yet capable of working but chooses not to. Maybe I am incorrect on that, but that is what I gathered when he threw his hat in the ring for governor. Seems like he sits in front of his computer all day complaining.

      1. Anonymous

        On Superbowl Sunday in 2008, while many of us were in our homes, lying around eating junk food, Private First Class CJ Abernathey was headed back his base in Iraq, manning a turret. He and the other marines with him were hoping to make it back in time to watch the big game.

        An improvised explosive device (IED) changed their plans. CJ was rendered unconscious with a dislocated shoulder, a severe concussion, and multiple skull fractures. Two others were also injured. Miraculously no one was killed.

        CJ was awarded the Purple Heart, just as his great-grandfather had been during World War II. During his time in Iraq, CJ cleared 11 other IEDs and was instrumental in the capture of an enemy insurgent.

        (From a social media post by Collin Duprel.)


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