District 30: Senate Recap – Kotti falls to Julie Frye-Mueller. Unfortunately.

Unfortunately, George Kotti was unable to prevent Julie Frye-Mueller from winning election to the State Senate.  Can’t win them all.

While Kotti certainly had the bonafides, he lacked the experience in running a race at this level against someone who had name ID from being on the ballot across the district several times, and may have made some mistakes and mis-steps along the way. But it was not for lack of trying.

2 Replies to “District 30: Senate Recap – Kotti falls to Julie Frye-Mueller. Unfortunately.”

  1. Anonymous

    The wording of this post suggests Frye-Mueller has won election to the state senate, but she’s still facing Gideon Oakes in the general election, and Oakes has already secured the support of many Republicans.

  2. Black Hills Bob

    George ran a good campaign and was by far the most capable and competent candidate. COVID-19, lack of name recognition across the district and a backfired PAC postcard campaign seemed to help him meet his demise. I pray that both JFM and Tim Goodwin don’t get it in their thick skulls that this was some kind of mandate and that it solidifies their obtuse, far right-wing wackadoodle agendas. On the other hand, just thank the good Lord that Florence did not make it!


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