Friends of Dusty Johnson 3rd Quarter FEC Report: $282k raised, $88k spent, $429k cash on hand.

Dusty Johnson is quickly approaching having 1/2 million cash on hand for the 2020 election cycle, according to the latest FEC Report:

FriendsofDJ_3q2019 by Pat Powers on Scribd

Johnson is reporting that over the last quarter, he raised $282,168.28, spent $87,963.72 and while he started the quarter with $234,861.10, he was able to bank most of it, ending the fundraising quarter with it with $429,065.66!

Johnson is set to face the victor between Democrats Whitney Raver and Brian Wirth, both of whom announced in the last couple of weeks of August. Neither has filed a report yet, which means they might not have hit the threshold for raising or spending funds. (Which should say something right there.)

15 Replies to “Friends of Dusty Johnson 3rd Quarter FEC Report: $282k raised, $88k spent, $429k cash on hand.”

  1. Anonymous

    I hope someone closes the loophole in campaign finance laws that allows the transfer of federal campaign funds to a state account.

    If state money can’t go federal then federal shouldn’t go to the state.

    I appreciate the savviness of Governor Noem and her campaign. It was a genius move that likely sealed the primary race for her. Good sound strategy.

    Now that we are all aware of that glaring hole in our campaign finance laws we should close it up.

    1. Anonymous

      A bit off topic but something that should happen.

      Good to see Dusty is doing well and not spending his money.

  2. EM2

    Na, he likes to be a backseat driver and nip at Johnson’s ankles on FB and pretend to be Trump’s best friend. Why would you leave a dreamworld and enter reality?

  3. Odin

    Has Dusty Johnson signed on to support Rep. Andy Biggs resolution to censure Adam Schiff? Roughly 160 supporters right now. Curious if he’s one of them.

  4. Odin

    And just today, Dusty the Joke voted to condemn the removal of troops from Syria. Guarantee he abhors the President. I’d respect him if at least he came out and was honest about it

    1. Anonymous

      Um, the vote was 354-60. Dusty wasn’t exactly out on a limb here.

      Headlines are calling this “overwhelmingly bipartisan.”

  5. Anonymous

    Dusty is so concerned with Tapio that he continues to vote against Trump. Meaning not concerned.

  6. Steve

    I was more interested in getting clarification about if Johnson’s getting orimaried or not than sparking a debate about the merits of Tapio v Johnson. Appears the answer is no, Johnson will not face a primary challenge. Right?