Friends of Dusty Johnson files 1q FEC Report. 127k raised, 28k spent, 202k COH

Congressional hopeful Dusty Johnson’s campaign filed its first quarter FEC Report for 2017, and it appears that things are going along nicely for his campaign.

Dusty Johnson 2017 1q FEC by Pat Powers on Scribd

The filing notes 127k was raised in this quarter, with only 28k spent, and the campaign has 202k cash on hand.  No big surprises, as the campaign nearly doubles the previous 103k cash on hand.

I was a bit surprised to see that even Democrats are crossing party lines to donate to Dusty, as the first name on this list is USD President Jim Abbott who made a $1000 donation to the campaign. As for others who contributed, lots of familiar names including State Legislators David Lust & Greg Jamison, Current Lt. Gov Matt Michels & former Lt Gov Steve Kirby, former Governor Frank Farrar, former Congressman Clint Roberts, PUC Commissioner Chris Nelson, First Ladies Linda Mickelson-Graham and Pat Miller, former cabinet secretaries Rick Melmer, Walt Bones & Darin Bergquist, former legislators Al Kurtenbach, Dave Scott, Ryan Olson, Mike Vehle, Dick Werner, Dean Wink, Alex Jensen, Dick Brown, Bernie Christianson, Tom Dempster,  and a number of other familiar names.

2018 is shaping up to bring us at least 2 fierce primary elections. Get your popcorn ready!

17 Replies to “Friends of Dusty Johnson files 1q FEC Report. 127k raised, 28k spent, 202k COH”

      1. SDGOPer

        Why? I’m not surprised they’d pick Dusty over Krebs.

        Unless you’re saying you think there’s someone else that might get in that they’d be likely to support?

  1. Anon

    I’d guess the Clint Roberts on the report is not the former Congressman. For one it says the donation was on March 6th (he passed away in February). Also, the employer listed is State of SD. I would assume that means the donation came for Hunter Roberts, Pam’s son and Daugaard’s adviser, who’s real first name is the same as his grandfather: Clint.

  2. Anonymous

    Skjonsberg, Lauck, Daugaard, Kirby and Hustead donated to Johnson. Looks like the political powers in SD lined up behind Johnson. They are all closely associated with Noem, Rounds and Thune.

    Very interesting.

      1. Anonymous

        Last week we all thought Krebs would raise $50k. You kind of wonder if they didn’t think that aswell and now have mud on their face. I didn’t like it when Daugaard got involved but I understood it. Thune, Rounds and Noem? That bothers me.

        I am supporting Krebs and Noem. It bothers me that Noem has her team putting support behind someone other than her race for governor. It makes me uncomfortable.

        Focus on your own race Kristi. Marty is going to be a really tough candidate to defeat if your colleagues continue to undermine progress in the House.

        1. SDGOPer

          Are you trying to argue that this is a signal that Noem is supporting Dusty? That’s ridiculous. She’s supposed to tell her financial backers not to back anyone in the House race? Give me a break.

    1. Anonymous

      Ever since the Thune guys bailed out the Rounds campaign Skjonsberg does whatever Lauck and Nelson tell him to do.

        1. Anonymous

          The Thune guys can act like they did everything to save Mike Rounds in 2014 but lets be honest. Skonsberg and Glodt didn’t need them or anyone else. Glodt probably could have done it by himself.

  3. grudznick

    They could save a lot of money and just end this with a good old fashioned Indian Leg Wrestle. Or even a bar style arm wrestle. Dusty and Shantele. It would be brutal.

  4. Anonymous

    I agree with Pat. 2 great 2018 elections. Popcorn indeed.

    I personally like all four candidates.

  5. anon1

    I think that’s the real positive of this… We have four good candidates running. You and I can choose to support the ones we want, but any of the four of them would do a fine job. I’m supporting the two ladies, but would be fine with either of the gentlemen too.