GOP Candidate for Gov recruiting for staff. Whether these pay anything is between you and he..

GOP Gubernatorial outlier Dr. Terry Lee LaFleur is out on facebook actively recruiting for campaign staff today:

When I take a look at this expensive list of campaign staff that is beyond what we typically see in many state level campaigns, I can’t help but notice that salary isn’t mentioned.  Especially given that this campaign is what you might term an outlier campaign, coming from outside the recognized political establishment, with somewhat odd campaign platform planks.

And let’s not forget the fact he’s been looking for a campaign manager for about a year now.

Is there a job there for someone? Possibly. Whether it pays anything is between you and he.

5 Replies to “GOP Candidate for Gov recruiting for staff. Whether these pay anything is between you and he..”

  1. Anon

    The 11 (presumably) paid positions he is recruiting for are probably more than Noem and Jackley have COMBINED on their campaigns.

  2. Anonymous

    Candidate Lee LaFleur has as much of an imagination as my friend Lar but Lafeur is most likely more lucid and Lar is very forgetful these days.

  3. grudznick

    It occured to me, and also my good friend Lar, that with a fellow like this who has so many jobs and is so desperate and will never fill them all, that if we sent a fellow named, perhaps we just call him “Bob”, to sign up for a few of these jobs he could really sabotage the whole endeavor.

    Especially if “Bob” had a job traveling the region eating hot dogs and narcing out the cold ones to Corporate, he could double dip getting paid to be a hot dog/bathroom narc and get this fellow to pay him for prophetizing along the way.

  4. GOPer

    I hate to break it to Terry but he is going to be staffing all those positions himself unless he wins the lottery.


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