Hearing for anti-vaxxer bill providing ‘my aunt read it on facebook’ exemption devolves into slurs and name-calling. Who would have imagined?

House Bill 1035 to provide an anti-vaxxer “conscience exemption” to allow people to take a pass on COVID vaccinations if their aunt read something on facebook, predictably took a turn down the rabbit-hole in testimony provided from one of the ‘experts’ gathered to speak on the measure:

The hearing Tuesday included remote testimony from Benjamin Marble, who’s known for appearing on disgraced conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ show to argue that Anthony Fauci, formerly the chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, “created” COVID-19 and is “the greatest mass murderer in the history of the world.”

“Earth to poison pushers, you need to wake up,” Marble said during testimony. “These fake vaccines are far more deadly than cyanide.”


“Please focus on the bill and stop the attacks, OK?” Jensen asked of Marble.

“Sure, OK. In summation, are you a retard or did God give you a brain?” Dr. Marble said.

“OK, stop, stop. You’re done. You’re done.” Jensen said.

Read the crazy here.

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    1. Hansen disavowed the crazy doctors comments in the committee and said he didn’t invite him.

  1. Another terrible reflection on District 3 Aberdeen/Brown County again in Pierre with Anti-vaxxers and conspiracy consumed representation. I had hoped we had bottomed out with Kaleb Weiss but evidently not.

    1. Perry and Novstrup sponsor and Schaefbauer votes for it in committee. District 3 is moving too far right for me. Maybe they are members of the Freedom Caucus

      1. I am starting to think maybe they should pass this and completely re-enforce the image of South Dakota being a pariah in the Union. Take the craziest most extreme bills and just pass them. Noem will sign them. The state has turned into a magnet for the fringe nutjobs already. Heck! Sensible Republicans outside SD comment the desire to use SD as a dumping ground to send all the knuckleheads that are toxic to local BPOUs and state parties.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 I couldn’t find anything about the Wuhan flu shot in HB 1035. Is the Wuhan flu shot information in fine print in Section 4 of HB 1035?

  2. I’m sick of parades of self-righteous morons and the hand-wringing from the same schmucks who encouraged this crap for the past three years when it was to their political advantage.

  3. Someone should have cut his microphone off and motioned to strike the dumbass “Doctor’s” entire testimony and bar him from ever testifying again. This should not have been tolerated whatsoever. Committee members and chairs need to get it together and squash these idiots once and for all. This all feeds the perception that the SD Legislature is a clown car falling off a cliff! Geez.

  4. I am not anti-vax. But I will never get an injection in my body when I do not feel it is safe. The shot does not stop Covid and it does not save lives. In fact, more people will get sick and die because it takes a part of one’s immune system and assigns it to Covid and Covid only. Many doctors have been silenced, either by intimidation, the threat of losing their license, or being blocked on social media. People need to be informed by the man who invented mRNA vaccine technology. One of the most prestigious heart doctors in the world has also spoken out against the vaccine. Just because someone speaks out against a vaccine that has not been long-term safety-tested, is not an anti-vaxer. I believe in vaccinations. I have had all of mine. Sheep follow the shepherd and are not free. Humans are free-thinkers and should be free. I support any legislation to keep freedom of information, free speech, free opinions, and freedom to choose what goes into our bodies. Are we not Republicans? Or is Socialism creeping into both the Republican and Democrat parties?

    1. These are the types of truly unscientifically educated individuals who are as harmful to our state as COVID!! Outrageous ignoramuses that blather on with ignorant fantasies. Shame on you for not doing your research on certified scientific, medical sights. Let me guess, you “know” the earth is flat and the US has not landed on the moon. Mental illness comes in many forms!!

  5. At least Pat posted this right away being South Dakota’s #1 political blog. The Nebraska based stoner blog will take a few days to catch up.

    1. Prove that this vaccine is “poison” using an accredited peer reviewed source. I dare you.

      1. There’s nothing that would satisfy you in terms of “proof.” The institutions (academia, government, and the big pharma companies that own both of them) are corrupt, agenda-driven abominations. Dissenting voices are censored. The deck is stacked.

        Let’s just use our common sense. People (especially athletes) are dropping like flies. Mortality and cancer diagnosis are up huge in the most highly “vaccinated” countries. And the the entire continent of Africa, which is hardly vaccinated at all, is seeing nothing of the sort.

        Here’s one source if you want to start waking up to what’s really going on here:


        1. So in other words at best you have is anecdotal evidence, a twitter link, and a vast conspiracy theory. Grow up.

        2. Common sense would tell you to look up the median age of people who live on the different continents. in North America the median age is 35. In Africa, it’s only 18. (42 in Europe)
          We know the virus is not particularly dangerous in people under 20 years of age.

          The other thing is the WHO says surveillance is difficult, testing and reporting has been spotty. And lots of people are taking hydroxychloroquine for malaria. It’s sold over the counter there.

    2. I agree with the previous statement. Prove this rant with hard science and we’ll look at it. These nut jobs are making us look like backwards idiots. It’s embarrassing.

  6. I’m very pleased that I got the vaccine and the boosters. I have not had any Covid. I am an elderly person with heart disease and other conditions. Covid would likely be fatal.

  7. Anonymous at 12:15 you are willfully ignorant.
    The vaccine has reduced hospitalizations and deaths tremendously. Those are facts.
    There is a lot of money to be made selling conspiracy theories, and people are blaming everything on vaccines, like gray hair, impotence, and lactose intolerance, on vaccines they got. Just recently Tucker Carlson had a commercial airline pilot on his show who had a heart attack 6 minutes after landing his aircraft. He blamed it on the vaccine he’d received five months earlier. The anti-vaxxers love these stories. I was vaccinated and only a year later, my dog died.

    1. I’m not the commenter at 12:15, but are you denying that mRNA vaccination takes part of a person’s immune system and assigns it solely to Covid? Are you denying that countless dissenting physicians have been threatened or intimidated into silence? Is it possible that you’re the one who’s willfully ignorant?

      1. Different Anon, but yeah vaccines do not “permanently assign” parts of the immune system to any particular virus or bacteria. That’s not how white blood cells work. I strongly recommend picking up a used copy of an Anatomy 101 book and having a go instead of FB or quack websites.

        1. It’s been less than ten years since the first human clinical trials using an mRNA vaccine against an infectious agent. What year did you take Anatomy 101?

      2. that’s just more willful ignorance.
        Vaccines, all of them, work by triggering an antibody response, the same way the viruses and other antigens themselves trigger an antibody response.
        How long those antibodies last has always been variable.
        It doesn’t “assign” your immune system to anything; your immune system makes antibodies and keeps them for months, years, sometimes your whole life. How long it works for you depends on how robust your immune system is. Think of your different antibodies, all the ones your body ever made in response to an antigen, as items stored on a shelf. There’s plenty of room on that shelf, and when you encounter one of those antigens again, your immune system takes those particular antibodies off that shelf and uses them against the antigen. The shelf life of those antibodies is variable from person to person. Some of them might be so far past their expiration date they don’t work any more, or you never made very many to begin with. The trouble with RNA viruses is they mutate so rapidly, the antibodies you made the last time you encountered that virus or had a vaccine for it don’t work as well, or it’s so sneaky your immune system doesn’t recognize it, so it doesn’t take those antibodies off the shelf right away.
        We have seen this with influenza outbreaks (also an RNA virus) where the strain of virus that hit a community was not one of the ones included in the vaccines that year. Even though the strains were different, the people who had gotten the shots did not get as sick, and recovered sooner, than the people who were not vaccinated.
        That is the issue with the covid shots: yes, vaccinated people are still getting covid. But they are not getting as sick as the people who were not vaccinated, they are not overwhelming the hospitals, taking up beds in intensive care, and not dying. The hospitalizations and deaths are way down.

        1. But willful ignorance is the only world view that Antivaxxers know! Learning and thinking might hurt their delicate brains!

        2. Nearly all of the deaths attributed to Covid were people who were on the brink of death before they caught it. No one dies from Covid alone without comorbidities, and almost no one dies from Covid WITH comorbidities. We were already seeing evidence of widespread exposure and herd immunity before the vaccines were available. The hospitals were overwhelmed because of a media-generated mass panic, and deaths-with-Covid are down largely because, as usual, newer variants are even weaker.

          1. my daughter worked in the Avera Mckennan covid unit. Her patients were not suffering from media generated mass panic.

              1. what we learned from this is everybody in America over 20 years of age has an identifiable co-morbidity. That’s why kids were the least likely to die. All the rest of us had something going on: overweight, high blood pressure, pregnancy, asthma, diabetes, allergies, autoimmune disease, everybody has something by the time they become adults.

                1. And yet adults in the 25-35 age range have accounted for approximately one (1) percent of the deaths blamed on Covid-19. It’s simply false to suggest all adults are vulnerable. Most adult cases aren’t even symptomatic.

    2. “There is a lot of money to be made selling conspiracy theories…”

      Not nearly as much as there is to be made selling “vaccines” in perpetuity to address a virus with an approximate 0% chance of dying from for otherwise healthy people.

  8. Will have to ask the District 3 delegation at the next Cracker Barrel if our family was just recently vaccinated with the COVID booster and our cat suddenly died was it because of the COVID booster shot even though we are all ok? Did our feline die because we humans got the shot?

    It’s nice once again to have legislators be the medical authority over our local doctors that spend years in University, medical school, interning and continuing their education.

    Looking forward to the cracker barrel.

  9. Earth to anti-vaxxers , 81.1% of the US population has received a vaccine which is more dangerous than cyanide??? That would mean about 270 million of us should be dead.

    As I have pointed out repeatedly, if the vaccines were as dangerous as these loons claim, civilization would have collapsed by now.

      1. Yet they keep getting elected and exert some amount of control and influence over the GOP. It’s like kindergartners are in charge.

  10. Proud to say this medical family of M.D.s are 100% COVID vaccinated and boosted to the max. If there is a vaccine out there for flu, pneumonia, shingles, DPT, polio, etc, we have willingly received all age appropriate vaccines.
    Medical researchers have been at this for decades and the medical profession understands the validity of the research. Antivaxxers do not understand advanced medical research and are a health threat to their communities.

    1. Good for you. Same here and I feel pretty safe. Have been directly exposed to COVID following a boost and no problem. Had a mild case for the first time last month and feel that symptoms were mild because of vax.

      But then again, I’m waiting for instructions to be sent to my microchip from the Gates-Fauci Industrial Complex.

      If Jon Hansen fashions himself as a future AG, it would be helpful for him to brush up on his understanding of the US Constitution.

    2. “Antivaxxers … are a health threat to their communities.”

      How can you make that claim with a straight face when the “vaccine” does nothing to prevent transmission?

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