Hearing reports of an entertaining Lincoln Day Dinner, where Taffy was sent away like a scalded dog.

Hearing reports of the Lincoln Day Dinner in Vermillion last night, where Dusty Johnson made a last minute appearance right in the middle of Congressional Candidate Taffy Howard’s speech. I’m told Dusty proceeded point out Taffy’s misinformation versus his legislative record, how the NRA endorsed him in the race, and how he yesterday he passed two bills out of committee in comparison to Taffy’s record, where she passed zero bills this year, zero bills the year before, and zero bills the year before that.

As I’m told, after she was completely owned, she packed up and left pretty quickly after the dinner was over. I suspect that was a long drive back to Rapid City. Are they going to have any debates in that race? Because those might be pretty entertaining.

Also hearing Bruce Whalen’s speeches are getting crazier and crazier, and may have alluded to pelting Anthony Fauci with stones thrown from a sling. If that’s correct, someone needs to get a hook and yank him off the stage, because he’s embarrassing the GOP at this point.

It’s getting pretty bad at some of these events where you go to see what kind of theater of the bizarre will be play-acted, versus going to support Republican candidates. It will be a good thing to get the goofballs off the stage.

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  1. These calls to “stone Fauci” or “execute Fauci” have been around for a while now. I’ve heard it from friends. So I ask… why?? And the first response is usually “He told us not to wear masks and then he told us we should wear masks.” “He lied to us.”

    Who can blame them, right? Remember when Fauci said this early in the pandemic… “We’re prepared, and we’re doing a great job with it. And it will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.”

    Wait. Wait a minute. That wasn’t Fauci. That might have been his boss.

    Never mind.

    1. I heard calls to hang Mike Pence as well, and when I ask why, I hear a series of delusions developed by a bruised ego and something about a few laptops.

      It is almost as if some people are such sore losers they make excuses instead of considering they may be wrong. Wait, wait a minute, they aren’t wrong, the rest of the country is wrong, and everyone is in on it, someone obviously paid someone off.

  2. If Dusty was allowed to interrupt her speech, that is pretty shady. I support Dusty but each candidate should be given their time to speak and we should be respectful of that.

    1. Where did I say that? Don’t make up silliness.

      He flew in to Sioux Falls at the last minute and was able to make the dinner in the nick of time. 5 minutes later, and he would have had to have a surrogate.

  3. Seeing attack ads on Dusty now. All of them say they’re paid for by “Drain the DC Swamp PAC”. I looked them up on FEC. Nothing quite says drain the swamp like a New Jersey Super PAC paying a North Carolina advertising firm for attack ads on a South Dakota congressional race. They attack him on his position on guns… NRA endorsed, A rating from Gun Owners. Looks like desperate flailing to me.

  4. I’ve always liked Taffy…I worked on her first campaign, but she has become so embroiled in negative campaigning that she’s lost sight of perspective and I can no longer support her. She cannot seem to resist the urge to denigrate Dusty and for that, I am extremely disappointed in her.

    1. With the level of toxicity and vitriol in SD politics right now, I seriously wonder when people will start shooting at each other, a la Chicagoland. This is supposed to be a civil state. What happened to South Dakota Nice?

      1. Unless we as a party start holding people accountable (Trump is STILL shrieking about election fraud and STILL seen as the current party kingmaker), then it is just gonna get worse.

        1. Trump gave the crazies a podium. The sooner we band together and kick the far right wing to the curb, the sooner we return to any level of normalcy and civility. When did they think putting up “f%#$ your feelings” flags in their yards was something Republicans could get behind? They are toxic.

      2. Happened in Nebraska… the dirty tricks from other GOP candidates destroyed any semblance of nice…

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