Here’s the worse news – They have no idea what they’re talking about!

Nothing leaves you scratching your head in the morning like a SDDP e-mail begging for money:

So, let me get this straight… the bad news is that the GOP is somehow “scared” that Democrats could have “the momentum to win next year.” That’s why the GOP “added South Dakota to the Young Guns program.” And the alleged good news for dems is that they claim to “have potential candidates in EVERY legislative district.”

They’re leaving out the part where the worse news for them is that apparently they have no idea what they’re talking about, as the Republican National Congressional Campaign Committee’s Young Guns program has utterly nothing to do with how many Democrats they claim they’re trying to talk into running for legislative seats.

And you should notice they couch it in terms of “potential candidates in EVERY legislative district.”

That could be true. But it’s as equally as plausible to state that I could potentially be a millionaire if every man, woman and child gave me $10. The potential is there. It could happen.

And after over a decade of Democrats letting their party decay and wither, it might just be more likely.

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  1. Anon

    This is what happens when you have interns running a state party.

    They seemed intent on cramming momentum and dark money into the email as many times as they could.

    And the “Young Guns” program means we have 2 good candidates running for House. It has nothing to do with any vulnerability.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow, who is the supreme optimist that wrote up this ad? The GOP is scared of the Dems? Talk about hallucinating! Maybe this person assumes that pot will be legalized and is preemptively partaking.

  3. Anonymous

    From their perspective, wouldn’t the GOP being afraid of the Dems momementum be good news? For some reason, I don’t think that phrase means what they think it means.

    I haven’t had a good laugh yet this morning, thanks for sharing Pat.

  4. Anonymous

    Potential in every district…did not say they HAD candidates and for every seat…so 1 out of 3 per district would fit this definition….

    insert rainbows and unicorns as needed

  5. Miranda Gohn

    This email is really no surprise given the rapid slide the SDDP is in. They must not review and edit them before being sent out.

    Evidently someone needs to smoke less when they obviously mistake my consistent criticism of what the SDDP has descended to as “Begging to go to SDDP meetings” and whatever other diversions and drama they create from when confronted with reasonable questions. This posting to the SDDP facebook page has been one of many. I don’t believe the SDGOP is too worried when many SDDP errors are self inflicted.

    Miranda Gohn commented on South Dakota Democratic Party’s post.
    Oct 08, 2017 10:46am.

    Frustrated by Ballot Measure Losing Streak, SDGOP Seeks to Undermine Ballot Measure Process
    Having been a life long Democrat I’m am now leaning towards not signing any petitions and advising others to do the same. The SDDP other than becoming more incompetent, irrelevant and descending into fringe party status with drug enthusiasts and extremists accelerating the decline there needs to be some serious exploration of starting a South Dakota focused main opposition party. One that everyday South Dakotans can relate to, actually gets things done, is competitiive and is about problem solving not problem creating. The SDDP is no longer it and has not been for some time and I feel bad for those who have watched what it has become.

  6. Anonymous

    When people, generally but not always liberals, speak of what they call “dark money”, they are referring to anonymous free speech. It is sad that they view what the SCOTUS has repeatedly confirmed is a Constitutional right as something sinister. It is also revealing because it shows that those people do not actually believe in the principles of Constitution.

    1. Anonymous

      Wait, so if the SCOTUS says something is a right granted in the Constitution, we accept that and move on?? Great to hear, Im sure Pat will let everyone know they can put down those crosses!
      **cough** Rowe v Wade **cough**

      Principles of the Constitution indeed

  7. Troy Jones

    Here is the truth.

    Republicans are so dominant and the Democrats so incompetently weak they are actually afraid of apathy and over-confidence. It has now been over a decade since I heard a SINGLE Republican even hint concern about ANYTHING the SD Democratic Party might actually do.

      1. Troy Jones

        Don’t know how you live there. I got out of there as soon as I realized where I was. The cobwebs are as big as ropes. Proof the Dems haven the challenged you in years.


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