Jeff Monroe didn’t make the cut last night, but he thanks everyone with grace

State Senator Jeff Monroe didn’t get to change his title in last night’s House primary – but he’s ok with that, as related in this article in the Capital Journal:

“I’m happy with the results and wish the best to everyone,” Monroe said. “Maybe it was the voters’ way of giving me a vacation. I woke up (Tuesday morning) and realized I might — when my Senate term is over — have a few hours of my own each morning. I am thankful for the time I’ve had of 26 years. I look back to the time since I started public service in 1994, and I get tired. I don’t feel bad working hard on issues, but can’t imagine doing something like the COVID thing every year. I will miss helping the people, but not all the work.”

Monroe has served in the South Dakota Senate representing District 24 since January 8, 2013. He served in the South Dakota Legislature from January 1995 until January 2003 in the South Dakota House of Representatives representing District 24.

Read the entire election story here.

I have to admit that I’m a little sad that Jeff won’t be continuing, as he’s such a tremendously nice, and genuine person.  I always found with Jeff that his word is his bond, and he would honor it to the last. Good luck to you Jeff, and thank you for your service, Senator.

6 thoughts on “Jeff Monroe didn’t make the cut last night, but he thanks everyone with grace”

  1. Jeff is one of the best, lovable, unique guys you could know. Love the guy. Enjoy your free time my friend

  2. Jeff is a fantastic guy and I’ll miss seeing him up there. Quality human being.

  3. He is a great role model for being a public servant and of course it doesn’t hurt he’s truly a conservative. It was never about him. Please come back to the Senate in 2 years!

  4. Jeff will be missed in the legislature. He was always thoughtful, humble and respectful of others. Jeff is a class act. Jeff is all about serving others in the legislature and as a chiropractor.

  5. He lost to two strong candidates. I talked to a lifelong Pierre friend who looked at all four and said it was the hardest electoral choice he has ever made. I asked who he voted for and he wouldn’t say as he didn’t want to shade anyone.

  6. Jeff was one of the first Senators I met when I started in the legislature. I found him to be a kindred spirit and I respected his advice. He is full of grace, a humble servant, thoughtful, a true gentleman and genuine. His word is his bond. We’ve agreed and disagreed on bills, but we’ll always remain good friends. I’ve also encouraged him to return to the Senate after sitting out a term.

    FREEDOM! (Jeff will understand!)

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