Libertarian CJ Abernathy announces candidacy for South Dakota Governor.

While Magic Mike Huether was talking about himself incessantly over not running for anything, fully bearded South Dakota Libertarian CJ Abernathy was announcing that he is running for Governor.

Why is he running? One platform plank of Abernathy’s was to proclaim that “if there is no victim, there is no crime,”  which would appear to be a reference to traditional Libertarian platform issues of drugs, prostitution, etc.

According to the Secretary of State’s office, Abernathy will have to collect the signatures of 250 Libertarians to appear on the ballot.

14 thoughts on “Libertarian CJ Abernathy announces candidacy for South Dakota Governor.”

  1. and there went 2% of general election vote, except for that…nothing significant

    Otherwise I see he posts his daughter was kidnapped in 2014? was she really kidnapped or is he making a statement about ex-wife….it looks like he heads a pro-dads group…probably another shared parenting supporter…

    1. So you’re actually opposed to shared parenting ? You think one parent should raise a child full time ? Have you looked at the long-time statistics on that ? Pretty frightening ! Most of the guys in the pen were raised only by a mom.

      1. Slick – It’s one of the saddest things Democrats have done to the family unit; destroy it. Generations of women have been encouraged and incentivized to be and stay single parents. If they apply, they receive all the govt assistance possible. Free food, free medical, free daycare, think of it and it’s probably free. I know, for many years I was a single-mother.

        Don’t neglect the fact the more kids mommy has, the more $$ she gets. How long until Social Security runs out? Oh, never mind, eventually everything we make will be taxed. *Ike* says, “…but as an American, I am obligated to pay my share to enjoy the rights so many fought and died for.” I disagree.

        I say we change this thinking. Having govt take care of you, like a child, is humiliating. You can do it, you control your life. Don’t get stuck preventing the opportunity to grow and get ahead using your own skills with money you worked for. What’s that old saying…Get off the plantation!

        1. The out-of-context quote you used doesn’t even support the point you’re trying to make. What exactly are you putting forth here? That we, as individual tax payers, only pay for those government services that we agree with?

          As far as shared parenting goes, I’m not real clear on your stance there, either. Should a victim of domestic abuse be required to stay in the marriage? And what’s this backward thinking that a woman NEEDS to have a husband to properly take care of her children? While I’ll stipulate that having 2 parents in a loving and supportive home is the ideal, that’s not always possible. Having 1 loving and supportive parent is better in any measurable way than having 2 parent who hate each other and use the kids as pawns in a hate-game.

          1. Why do you care so much what my stance is? Leave me alone. I really am starting to think you are purposely harassing me.

            You changed what I said to fit your narrative. Never once did I mention staying in an abusive relationship. You did. The father of my oldest was abusive to me and our child. If someone is being abused, leave and leave right away. And, where did I say people NEED to be married to properly care for a child? I can’t find where I said that. Oh, that’s right it’s not there. You said that.

            My point, is women are encouraged and incentivized to stay single parents. I have several friends who will not get married because she gets assistance if she stays “single”. I also watch single mothers, at my workplace, party the night away, screwing fathers from being allowed to be more involved.

              1. Thank you. I know because I was a single parent and know many single mothers. It’s easy to get assistance even while living with the baby’s father. It’s more $$ if you’re alone, but all the same. The govt rewards mothers to stay single parents.

                Recently there was a case of the mother falsely accusing the father of child abuse and was found guilty. It’s sad what vindictive people can and will do for revenge.

            1. You bloviate away, and when asked for clarification, you accuse the interlocutor of harassment? You’re responsible for your words, so I’m just trying to figure out what you actually are advocating here.

              You say single women are incentivised to stay single to live on the dole, yet you also say that fathers should be involved, but then you say that single women are fine parents, and then you say they party the night away.

              It seems to me that inner machinations of your mind are like a slow-motion traffic accident. Try as I might, I just can’t look away! 😛

  2. No we don’t want slick Mike their already a senator with that name . and we don’t want the subsidy queen who has had it bad on the farm either.

  3. Shared parenting is a joke= lets call it for what it really is—one parent trying to get out of paying child support, while CLAIMING to give a darn about anything except getting out of paying child support

    1. obviously you’ve never had your child wrongfully ripped away from you by a vengeful spouse who uses the children as a wedge, and uses your child support $$ to hire lawyers to keep you away so she can enjoy her new lifestyle and freedom

      1. Slick – That sucks. I feel for the kiddos.

        I bet you know this, but I’ll confirm it for you and it’s not nice…

        That child support $$ is being spent on more than just lawyers. Alimony too? Soon, state assistance? It’s not only mothers’ choices that can make life hell for fathers, it’s the courts. It’s very heartbreaking when a father wants to be a parent and is prevented and, at times, not even given the chance because their baby is killed through abortion.

          1. That’s disgusting. Personally, I think convicted rapists should have their balls cut off and the ones that do it to children should be considered for the death penalty.

            Do you take anything seriously? I wonder what your “employees” would think if they knew you spent so much time on this blog. You do nothing but troll while they’re working… making you $$.

            You don’t like the GOP platform and you certainly aren’t attempting to change our minds with helpful insight. Watch EC, he’s better at what you’re trying to do.

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