No wonder Lora Hubbel Blocked me. She’s turning the nutty up to 11.

Because I’m like Curious George, minus the man in the yellow hat, I had to see what Lora Hubbel was espousing on Facebook that was so secret that she felt she had to block my ability so see.

Apparently, as she discloses, she’s no longer holding back, and has launched her first attack, this one on Dusty Johnson for talking about an electoral path forward in 2008 after “after Romney lost to Obama.”   (Never mind that Romney didn’t run that year.)

And that the GOP brought in “single, metrosexual men to blend in and turn our party from conservative to RINO,” with Lora claiming “our party,” while conveniently ignoring her own recent Independent candidacy for Lt. Gov, as well as her recent stint as chair for the Constitution Party:

Good grief.   This is a bit like two years ago when she accused the State GOP of being run by homosexuals..

..Two years ago, it was gay men, now it’s “single, metrosexual men” infiltrating the GOP. It’s another instance of crazy accusations with no basis in reality.  None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

And Dusty’s point in 2008 is just as valid now as it was then:  “Conservatism is most effective when it is thoughtful, not toxic.

A lesson Lora has failed to learn. Over, and over, and over.

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  1. Lee Schoenbeck

    PS. When she says Dusty is from a Democrat family, Lora must not know JoanieJohnson, a long time GOP activist in Hughes County – right up to her death. Or Dusty’s Grandpa Bill, advisor to more republican officeholders than Hubble ever liked! Dusty’s uncle Barry was active with us in college republicans and in TARS before that. It would be hard to find a better credentialed, harder working GOP family, than Dusty’s.

  2. Pat Powers Post author

    That was my thought as well, but sometimes I have to sacrifice the point by point refutation for brevity. There was just a ‘whole lot of crazy’ to talk about.

  3. Miranda Gohn


    [me-troh-sek-shoo-uh l]

    Spell Syllables

    Word Origin



    a heterosexual, usually urban male who pays much attention to his personal appearance and cultivates an upscale lifestyle.

    What is the big deal about that? I grew up in the clothing business. I was sad to see Normans close in Sioux Falls.

  4. Mhs

    My middle sister is an organizer for Bernie Sanders. My oldest sister worked for Ronald Regan. Guess that makes me a RINO, except I don’t have enough hair to sport a metro man bun.

  5. Miranda Gohn

    One of Lora’s interested supporters ironically is Cory Heidelberger’s associate Larry Kurtz. He urged her to run outside the Republican Party. Lora wouldn’t the Constitution Party be a better fit in your run for the Governor’s office rather than the state Republican Party? Lora made a comment that she would let him smoke his pipe in her Governor’s office and wanted to smell the smoke. Not sure what that was about.

    1. Tara Volesky

      I read all of her above comments. She is one tough cookie that shoves nothing under the carpet. She reminds me of the Donald.

  6. Miranda Gohn

    Regarding an earlier posting by Lora accusing some of the SDGOP leadership or members being gay. Who cares? Closeted or out. One’s sexual orientation or identity has little to do with where they fall in the political spectrum or where their values and beliefs are. What I do have a problem is the hypocrisy when some of the most anti-LGBT spokespeople, clergy or lawmakers or put up a façade of being holy rollers and by their actions hurt others while trying to come to terms with their own sexual issues. Then is later found out that they had their own sexual interludes being same sex, transgender, paid for sex, extra-marital affairs or whatever. That drives many away from organized religion and faith in our political system.

    1. Anne Beal

      So recovering alcoholics can’t promote sobriety? Have you informed Alcoholics Anonymous that their sponsors are disqualified because they used to be drunks themselves?
      So tell me how this works, only people who have never sinned can minister to sinners?
      By definition that creates a staffing problem for the churches.

  7. Miranda Gohn

    Anne, Read again what I posted and more if needed. We are all flawed going thru life doing the best we can but what turns many off is for example is SOME of those that are most vocal anti-LGBT lawmakers usually have something to hide themselves while causing a great deal of harm on others such as what happened with Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey , Josh Duggar when he was paraded around Pierre one session talking family values and reinforcing anti-LGBT legislation and had molested his sisters and how they attempted to cover it up. The do as I say not as I do does not have to be LGBT related either but certain people that go out of their way to portray themselves as something they are not when it comes to morality and what their idea of being a good Christian is especially when they are in a position of power.

  8. Troy Jones

    By Freedom of Information Act, I file the following request: What kind of family did Lora come from? Is the proclivity to wear tin foil hats hereditary or from being laid in a crib on your stomach?

    1. Tara Volesky

      I am here, and have been quite entertained by all of you creative comments. You guys should be reality TV writers. You come up with some very funny and entertaining stuff. This is better than fake news.

  9. Troy Jones

    Tara: (Lora’s) family immigrated from Mars.

    Well, that creates a question on if they were legally documented or not. Seriously though, that is exactly as accurate as Lora’s assertion Dusty came from a Democrat family and makes my point:

    Lora has a habit of saying stuff that isn’t related to the truth. People who have that habit are either deceiving liars or crazy. Tara, I’ll let you decide which she is and I’ll accept it.

  10. Tara Volesky

    Troy, do you think Trump is a deceiving liar or crazy? You guys aren’t use to an outspoken woman. Who cares what party you are from…….it’s who’s going to make SD great again.

  11. Steve Sibson

    I see Cory Heidelberger also hates Lora. Nice to see how true conservatives can have a unifying impact on activists from the two party establishments, even though Cory took Pat to task for being technically incorrect in regard to Ben Reifel. I guess no one is right 100% of the time.