Outgoing Speaker of the House trying to make last act to gin up letter to state congressional delegation about alleged voter fraud in other states

Happy New Year… and apparently happy conspiracy day from outgoing Speaker of the House Steve Haugaard, as he sends out an e-mail early this evening to Republican State Legislators asking them to join him on a letter he intends to send out to to our state’s Congressional delegation tomorrow:

On Jan 1, 2021, at 5:59 PM, Steven Haugaard <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Legislators,

I am writing to invite legislative members to join in the attached request being forwarded to our Congressional Delegation. Congress will act upon the report of the vote on January 6. Evidence of fraud needs to be evaluated. Please respond to this email OR text me to let me know if you want your name included on the attached letter.

I know this is short notice as I expect to send this later tomorrow, but I will update the list of names as I receive additional responses.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!


Steven Haugaard
Speaker of the House
South Dakota House of Representatives

From the response Haugaard received from the incoming Senate President Pro Tempore Lee Schoenbeck, I get the distinct impression that Haugaard’s plea to use his office to contest elections in other states is not entirely appreciated:

On Jan 1, 2021, at 7:27 PM, Lee Schoenbeck wrote:
This RHINO behavior should stop. Please at least pretend to be a real Republican.
The next legislative session might just be one of the more interesting ones.

24 thoughts on “Outgoing Speaker of the House trying to make last act to gin up letter to state congressional delegation about alleged voter fraud in other states”

  1. Looks like Lee Schoenbeck’s ability to be civil will rival Donald Trump’s. #notacompliment.

  2. Hauguard is clearly a liberal tool. The longer we stay focused on the last war, the more likely we will lose the next war.

  3. Is this even real?



    When the republic is in danger, do everything you possibly can to save it.

    Who will be left behind by the new SD Republican party?

    Before the population will engage in fixing corruption, it must be proven in public court that corruption exists and is rife.

    We are at that moment.

    The public is aware.

    Do what you can to save the republic.

    The people can and must be self governed, lest the worst of us find themselves in leadership positions.

    1. I’d ask what color the sky is in the world you live in but it’s probably a smoke filled room.

    1. These are mostly Republican, Trump-era judges you and the rest of the nut bags are trying to undermine. 12 months from now you’ll be their biggest cheerleader as they strike down one leftist overreach after another.

  4. Romney won more of the popular vote than Trump did in 2016 or 2020, yet we are supposed to believe that after more than 50 failed court appeals that somehow Trump won this election? While I have not always agreed with Senator Thune, I believe him to be a good, honest man, and a true Republican. Haugaard is a tool.

    1. Romney won more of a percentage of the total popular vote than Trump did because they did not count the votes that were run through the machines several times and the huge increase in dead people and illegal votes. President Trump won more total votes than any sitting President in History.

  5. “happy conspiracy day?” What conspiracy? What is wrong with some of you people?

    Do people bother to pay attention to the committee hearings? State Legislators are ringing the bell. There was indeed election fraud. The ignorance displayed here is frightening. There is actual video showing the fraud. There are thousands of affidavits signed by American citizens stating the fraud they witnessed. There are videos of windows being covered and watchers forced to stand long distances away from the viewing of ballots. Not to mention tons of proof of machine tabulation errors, adjudication problems, and state executive branches overstepping their authority.

    And for some to mention courts throwing the lawsuits out. No court has bothered to hear the evidence. HELLO. We have massive problems.

    Good for Steve Haugaard. I applaud him. He took the time to do some actual research and determine the proper steps to play an active role in a dire situation. Wake up, sleepers; ignorance is not bliss. The REALITY of what has occurred should bother every red-blooded American. This is not a party issue. This is not about Trump. This is about Keeping our Republic. Free and fair elections are not an option. Period.

    And for crying out loud… it’s RINO, not Rhino.

    1. Just curious, you say this is not about Trump. Where you believe that fraud occurred, would you have all those ballots (votes) that may have elected Republicans in local, state and other national races also thrown out?

  6. Haugard’s about to learn that those overwhelming numbers of South Dakotans who “supported the president” by voting for him doesn’t extend to supporting him try to stage some half-assed coup.

  7. Lee was once kicked out of a Republican caucus meeting, but now he’s the state senate pro-Temp. He’s come a long ways baby. 😉

    Haugaard’s last minute letters are like Trump’s last minute pardons: Not well thought out.

  8. Speaker Haugaard’s poor leadership skills has done a disservice to the people of South Dakota. The House Republican Caucus aptly responded by not re-electing him to a leadership position.

    It appears Haugaard’s arrogance will be rivaled by Schoenbeck in the Senate. Lee needs to understand the laws of physics also apply to politics: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Screw with our bills, and we’ll do the same with yours.

    Time to wise up, Lee.

    1. Haugaard’s at a rally with the Proud Boys and you’re telling Lee to wise up? Find a mirror to look into Member.

      1. Mr. Haugaard is the puppetmaster of all those insaner than most. Mark down grudznick’s words, Mr. Haugaard will continue his machinations and overgodding during the next sessions.

  9. The interesting thing about both Haugaard and Schoenbeck is that they are similar. Each are convinced they are the smartest guy in the room and are gifted at mansplaining (often at great lengths). Neither are very good at building consensus, in fact, quite the opposite. They tend to divide. In their worlds, if you aren’t with them, you are against them. Both their hearts are in the right place and they want what’s best for their state, but they should each work on developing leadership and team building skills. Those would be good New Years Resolutions for each of them.

    1. Agreed. I’m on Lee’s side on this particular issue (and most other), but his approach isn’t all that helpful.

  10. “mansplaining”

    With one word you turned a good post into politically correct blather.

  11. Lee is the biggest RINO. Largest tax increase in what, 50 years? What a notch in that belt. What does the Republican platform say about taxes? Oh yeah lower taxes. He literally fought for larger taxes. It doesn’t get any more black and white that he is a RINO. Then he was such a pleasant individual he was kicked out of caucus.

  12. Lee doesn’t think he is the smartest in the room, he is the smartest in the room. Haugard is bringing a knife to a gun fight.

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