Release: 63 Sheriffs Endorse Jackley

63 Sheriffs Endorse Jackley

Pierre, South Dakota: Marty Jackley announced today that he has received the endorsement of 63 of the 66 Sheriffs in South Dakota.

“When South Dakotans need help it is often the Sheriff and their Deputies who respond to protect us.  No matter what crime, the time of day or the weather conditions they answer that call.  Time and again as Attorney General and a State’s Attorney, I have called upon Sheriffs to testify and to help bring justice for victims in courtrooms across our State.  I am proud to have served with them, and I appreciate their strong support,” said Jackley.

Yankton County Sheriff Jim Vlahakis said, “Marty has been at our side tackling crime head on as Attorney General, US Attorney and a State’s Attorney which is why so many of us in law enforcement are standing behind him now.  With his proven record we know what kind of Attorney General he will be for all of South Dakota.”

Butte County Sheriff Fred Lamphere said, “Marty has always been a strong partner with our Sheriffs, and he has my full support to be our next Attorney General.”

“Marty Jackley will be an Attorney General South Dakotans can be proud of.  He is a conservative who shares our values,” said Lincoln County Sheriff Steve Swenson.  “Marty’s steady hand of leadership and clear vision for the Attorney General’s office is what we need now.”

Jackley announced he is running for Attorney General in 2022 earlier this month.  Last week Jackley announced he had the endorsement of State’s Attorneys from 59 of the 66 counties in South Dakota.


Sheriffs Endorsing Jackley


Aurora- David Fink

Beadle- Doug Solem

Bennett- Paul Williams

Bon Homme- Mark Maggs

Brookings- Martin Stanwick

Brown- Mark Milbrandt

Brule- Darrell Miller

Buffalo- Wayne Willman
Butte- Fred Lamphere

Campbell- Lacey Perman

Charles Mix- Randy Thaler

Clark- Robert McGraw

Clay- Andy Howe

Codington- Bradford Howell

Corson- Alan Dale

Custer- Marty Mechaley

Davison- Steven Brink

Day- Ryan Rucktaeschel

Deuel- Cory Borg

Dewey- Dan Assman

Douglas- Jon Coler

Edmunds- Todd Holtz

Fall River- Robert Evans

Faulk- Kurt Hall

Gregory- Timothy Drey

Haakon- Fred Koester

Hamlin- Chad Schlotterbeck

Hand- Shane Croeni

Hanson- Brandon Wingert

Harding- Wyatt Sabo

Hughes- Darin Johnson

Hutchinson- James Zeeb

Jackson- Matt Haugen

Jerauld- Jason Weber

Jones- Rich Sylva

Kingsbury- Steven Strande

Lake- Tim Walburg

Lawrence- Brian Dean

Lincoln- Steve Swenson

Lyman- Steve Manger

Marshall- Damien Bahr

McCook- Mark Norris

McPherson- David Ackerman

Meade- Ron Merwin

Mellette- Mike Blom

Miner- Rob Eggert

Minnehaha- Michael Milstead

Moody- Troy Wellman

Oglala-Lakota- Joe Herman

Perkins- Kelly Serr

Potter- Curtis Hamburger

Roberts- Tyler Appel

Sanborn- Tom Fridley

Spink- Frank Krumm

Stanley- Brad Rathbun

Sully- Bill Stahl

Todd- Barry Bailey

Tripp- Shawn Petit

Turner- Steven Luke

Union- Dan Limoges

Walworth- Joshua Boll

Yankton- Jim Vlahakis

Ziebach- Gary Cudmore

11 thoughts on “Release: 63 Sheriffs Endorse Jackley”

  1. This is a really big swing taken in the first inning or maybe even during batting practice.

    Reggie Jackson became Mr October because he said there is always the right time to stir the drink.

    1. Agree seems a little early. I suspect that’s why Thom hasn’t endorsed yet. Some of these guys still have to work with DCI and the AG’s office… seems wise that Thom would hold off until next year. Not at all surprised that Jackley will get their support – just seems like an early move.

      1. With Thom, could it have been that Jackley would support democracy on issues such as enforcement of laws? Thom’s career has been built almost entirely on marijuana enforcement, I think he’s panicking about his own future and capabilities if that is legal.

    1. If Jason would resign or be impeached, Noem SHOULD heal old wounds and nominate Mr Jackley to the position.

      1. Jackley played the smart move to clear the space. Any appointed replacement other than him faces a tried and tested candidate with a commanding endorsement lead come primary season in ’22.

        Wouldn’t be surprised either if she puts in a crony out of fear Jackley might start digging and have the means and visibility to mount a ’22 gubernatorial primary challenge. Problem for Noem is Jackley’s the most serious primary threat to her and there’s only so many own-goals you can get away with.

  2. Not one person involved in SD State Government had any reservations with the current SD AG. He worked harder and connected with everyone involved hence his rise to easily becoming the SD AG.
    That all changed upon the automobile said AG was driving hit and killed an innocent Hyde County resident. Shit happens in life we all have to deal with. This deal is over and the next chapter is wide open for opportunities. Common sense opens up a wide range of scenarios but with a potential single path of proven leadership winning.

  3. Not surprising to see the Brown County sheriff endorse Jackley. There seems to be a special brotherhood between Jackley and the LEO boys of Brown County.
    Those rattling sounds you hear are the bones from skeletons in Marty’s closet.

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