Release: Invest in South Dakota’s Future: VOTE NO 27; Group forms to oppose IM 27

Invest in South Dakota’s Future: VOTE NO 27

Protecting South Dakota Kids (PSDK) is seeking concerned residents statewide to join its grass-root effort to defeat Initiated Measure 27 on recreational marijuana.

Dark money groups and New York Hedge funds are investing millions of dollars to push their liberal agenda on South Dakota. The TRUTH is our families and children will suffer from the irreparable harm that states like California, Colorado, and New York are now burdened with. Suicide rates, homelessness, and crime have skyrocketed in these states, and we don’t want to import these problems to South Dakota. Concerned citizens, healthcare professionals, pastors, educators, treatment providers, law enforcement, and other professionals are urging citizens to get involved and to learn the facts and VOTE NO on Measure 27.

“We need your support as we fight off a well-funded, out-of-state pot lobby that has invested millions presenting half-truths as it touts the “merits” of their product. The fact is this industry seeks to legitimize a harmful drug and acquire access to our kids, our families, and our communities,” said Jim Kinyon, Chair of PSDK.

As a counselor and nonprofit director in our state for more than 30 years, Kinyon knows how critical defeating IM 27 is to the future of our kids, families and communities.

“While New York City hedge fund managers, and the national marijuana lobby having been flooding our state with ad campaigns filled with misinformation, we have studied the unintended consequences of legalized marijuana on states that have previously legalized all pot usage with particular emphasis of our neighbors in Colorado. The facts are startling and should alarm us all but we can still do something about it,” said Kinyon.

An overview of these facts (detailed in “The Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area” program report) include:

  • Recreational pot is not a victimless crime. The marijuana industry deliberately“targets children,” developing a customer base for long-term use and profit. Minors have suffered the worst effects from pot usage.
  • Adolescent marijuana use is associated with increased depression, suicide and psychosis. The fact that South Dakota set a record high number of suicides last year, it’s imperative that we do not add marijuana to the mix.
  • In Colorado, marijuana usage for children age 12 and older has increased 26%. This usage is 61% higher than the national average. Marijuana is found in the system of 34% of all 15- to 19-year-olds who commit suicide.
  • Marijuana is the #1 drug associated with child abuse and death.
  • The available marijuana today is highly addictive and extremely detrimental to a young person’s brain development, especially in users under the age of 25.

On November 8, South Dakotans will have a chance to defeat Initiated Measure 27. Please help us protect South Dakota Kids by donating today: protecting-south-dakota-kids/donate-today

Donations may also be mailed to: Protecting South Dakota Kids, Fred Deutsch, Treasurer, 16452 449th Avenue, Florence, SD 57235.

If you would like to participate in helping us defeat IM 27, please contact Jim Kinyon: [email protected] or


29 thoughts on “Release: Invest in South Dakota’s Future: VOTE NO 27; Group forms to oppose IM 27”

  1. “Protecting South Dakota’s kids.” Sure. Whatever.

    When I was a kid… pot was everywhere. With no quality controls. And that was well before South Dakota voted to legalize it.

  2. Oh. I just noticed. There he is again. The righteous Fred Deutsch is behind this group too. Jeesh.

    Well, Fred… I am not saying that pot is good for you. But before you incarcerate folks for marijuana use, you should at least admit that smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are far more dangerous. Then there are those four wheelers. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Lots of dangerous activities out there.

    Or maybe Fred is coming for them next? He is tireless.

    1. Don’t worry Elk. I’m as great a sinner as anyone. And all those activities you list? They’re fine by me. But if you’re a doctor that kills unborn children . . . or mutilates private parts of children . . . then I’m coming after you.

      And that has nothing to do with being righteous.

      1. But you forgot the important part, Fred. Admitting that those things that you say are “fine by me” are more dangerous than marijuana. And how do you square that?

        Please be honest and tell us the total deaths each year in America from each of those. Then marijuana deaths. You know the answer.

        Nice deflection to abortion, though. Like a pro.

          1. Spread all the bs about MJ being harmless, it IS a gateway drug. Facts show that hard drug users most likely started on MJ.

            1. Cite all the “facts” you want (you won’t cite any), we all know the real gateway item is alcohol and tobacco. Which are both more harmful than marijuana, and simple correlation does not imply causation. Don’t be like Fred, let people be free, even if things are dangerous, we don’t need Big Government to come in and make decisions for us on them.

              1. Fred is most concerned with which substances people consume and which bathroom kids use. Strange.

    2. Any evidence that tobacco and alcohol are more dangerous than pot? Now that it is legal in many states you may see evidence contrary to your claim.

  3. The website is well done! Great job!

    A few tactics used by the THC enthusiasts, THC addiction profiteers and enablers will do is flood the facebook page of volunteer groups such as this who oppose this predatory addiction for profit POVERTY industry.

    Last time the THC Addiction profiteers, enablers and users also must have networked with various out of state facebook pot/drug culture groups which are more like cults. These drug enthusiasts flooded the “No Way on Amendment A” not even knowing what state they were pushing Marijuana legalization for. Many of them got side tracked posting not only about pot but moved on to all kinds of other drugs they were consumed with and take and their different experiences getting high.

    Then you have the THC enthusiast/addicts Big Tobacco 2.0 paid social media trolls that also flooded the facebook page and social media in South Dakota. They had absolutely no connection to South Dakota other then they were being paid to help promote this highly potent drug and industry in the state.

  4. It’s also great to see Dr. Karen Randall an ER Physician in Pueblo, Colorado on the website. She is a great resource and youtube videos are very informative. She also coined “Reefer Blindness”! It’s an unfortunate affliction where THC enthusiasts, THC Profiteers and their enablers are so consumed with getting access to their drug, protecting their drug, getting high or staying high that they are completely oblivious to not only the risk of harm to themselves but others as well.

    Presently Minnesota communities are scrambling to keep this industry out of their towns and cities. Passing ordinances to ban sales. We will be starting a “Reefer Blindness” series talking about what it is and covering every aspect how it negatively affects communities such as workforce development, our schools and more.

    1. The facts show marijuana promotes mental illness like gender dysphoria. At least we have leaders like Miranda and Fred fighting on the front lines of this war. God decides gender, not people or their drugs!

          1. Do not imply we are looking up in the “sin hole” for facts, Fred and Miranda are not sinners! Furthermore, I’m sure both would support the ban on sodomy, which will be reinstated by our new SCOTUS.

            Fred, introduce a trigger law on this for the state.

  5. Wearing a mask in a pandemic = Stalin + Hitler and deprivation of rights and death to the constitution. Smoking grass? Yeah, that should be banned cause we know what is best for you.

    How so many of you on this site reconcile that gargantuan inconsistency is beyond me. Much more than simple cognitive dissonance. More like outright blindness and denial.

  6. A loss for this initiative favors South Dakota’s deep deceptive state.

    Our ballot boxes and voter roles still are not clean.

    Watch cannabis freedom become sacrificed on the alter to appease the “Q”od.

  7. Spread all the bs about MJ being harmless, it IS a gateway drug. Facts show that hard drug users most likely started on MJ.

    1. Elk wrote: “I am not saying that pot is good for you.”

      Do you see that word… “not”?

    2. They started on MJ and moved to harder drugs because their dealers pushed the harder (addictive and profitable) drugs onto them. No dealers, no access to harder drugs (until you go to the doctor with a bad back.)

      1. One true fact about weed is that more people voted for it than voted for Gov. Noem
        Lots more.

    3. And no one tried marijuana without trying alcohol or tobacco. And no one tried alcohol or tobacco without trying soda first. Let’s ban sugary drinks! It’s a gateway drug!

  8. Well this just sucks. I was going to vote no but in doing so I feel like I’m supporting Fred and when the measure dies he will certainly feel emboldened to run more cockamamie pieces of legislation that will waste EVERYONES time. Politics makes for strange bedfellows and for me I need to stay out of Fred’s bed.

  9. Despite lies from the South Dakota Republican Party video lootery, suicide, domestic violence and homelessness are inextricably linked putting children at risk to more catastrophic consequences far more often than has happened in states that have legalized or lessened penalties for casual use of cannabis.

    Just like with women’s rights South Dakota’s psychotic legislature should admit it’s too corrupted to regulate the cannabis industry, legalize simple possession then get out of the way while tribal communities become the sole producers and retailers.

    1. You sound like my old frend larry. He’s smoked weed so long he cannot remember things anymore so he keeps his sayings saved so he can post them. We played poker till the wee hours long ago in Deadwood. Good times but all those years of tokin caught up with him.

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