Shantel Krebs for Congress 2018 1st Quarter FEC: 112k raised, 77k spent, 396k Cash on Hand

Shantel Krebs’ 2018 first quarter report is up:

Shantel Krebs 1st q 2018 by Pat Powers on Scribd

Krebs’ campaign finance report is telling us that she raised 112,179, bouncing back from last quarter, but spent 77,372, leaving 396,426 in her piggybank. Otherwise, looks like Krebs took in $11,500 from Women oriented political action groups on top of individual donations.

Interestingly, it appears that Jordan Mason’s company got close to $6800 for contract work… which you might take as code for circulating Krebs’ petitions.

Read the report, and let me know what you think!

11 Replies to “Shantel Krebs for Congress 2018 1st Quarter FEC: 112k raised, 77k spent, 396k Cash on Hand”

    1. Anonymous

      Over $60,000 of it is general election. Still support, but seems to indicate she failed to widen her base and instead just circled back to the same faithful supporters. Makes one question if there is any real momentum there.

  1. Anonymous

    Not bad improvement over last quarter and she should have plenty for some commercials…my count says only 51 days until the primary…prepare for a blizzard of ads

  2. Troy Jones

    My biggest comment is she raised only $2K in unitemized donations. That means she didn’t do a mailer or any attempt at online fundraising which had any impact. Small donor efforts end up being self-financing (maybe some profit) name ID enhancement and marshaling grass-roots support. Not good when you are under 60 days to the election.

  3. Anonymous

    With Neal Tapio compounding Shantel’s challenge to get support she is in a very difficult position.

  4. GOP

    She really only has about $350k in money she can spend during the primary. She has been raising general election funds to make her number look bigger. DJ has a pretty significant money lead in this one.

    1. Matt

      Shantel is known to the voters of South Dakota and has a large base. Dusty needs money to tell people who he is. Big difference! I think Dusty knows where to get special interest money from his days of raising taxes as co-governor.

      1. Anonymous

        Matt, you’re obviously not from South Dakota, anyone that’s been involved in South Dakota politics knows Dusty Johnson and all he has done through TAR’s to mentor young GOPers and help other candidates get elected. Krebs has done nothing but run over others on her way to the top.