So, maybe Heidelberger is running for Senate after all..

Caught a little intel the other day after my post on Cory Heidelberger walking in NSU’s parade.

Apparently, despite there being an open House seat, I’m told that Heidelberger is looking at running for State Senate against Al Novstrup in a rematch, after suffering a beating at the Senator’s hands in 2016.  Word is that Aberdeen Dems have been told that the sore loser is going for another run… and they’re not thrilled.

What was passed on to me was “County Dems don’t want him to but aren’t getting anyone new anyway…”

Now that’s a rallying cry for Democrats if I’ve ever heard one.   Meh.. Well, we can’t find anything else…

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s probably safe to say that as an atheist his only prayer is the one his wife is saying in hopes of getting him out of the house.

    1. Miranda Gohn

      The first person I have run across running for office that must get up in the morning, look in the mirror and ask himself who have I not offended yet today?

  2. Troy Jones


    Last election, Cory got only 2% more than the Democrat Registration while Al got 17% more than the Republican Registration in the district. In other words, Cory had almost non-existent support outside his party while Al appeared to dominate the Republicans AND Independents. From “vote above registration base” perspective, only two Senate candidates did worse (District 9 and 17) than Cory.

    This is significant as in the last election the Republican voter registration advantage was 44.15%-36.71% (-7.44% for Cory). It has grown to 44.43%-35.71% (-8.72%).

    Too early to put a spread yet but I’d say the odds of winning are not good and getting worse than last time.


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