Some people should take a chill pill.

One of my sisters used to suggest that people take a “chill pill” when they were faced with someone on a rant.  That might be a good suggestion for Jodie Mueller who was appropriately and resoundingly denied office last night.

Funny thing is.. I didn’t do any work for anyone in her race.  But far be it from me to get between someone standing on a street corner, screaming at passerbys, declaring she’s the REAL REPUBLICAN.

If that works for you Jodie, you just go ahead and be you.

And, at least she’s identified who the rest of us need to watch out for.

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  1. a friend of education

    While Frye-Mueller deserves to celebrate, Pat is correct that Erin Tobin’s big victory is the “above the fold” headline. I thought that race would have been closer. Congratulations to a strong candidate who’ll win in November.

    Other stories of note: Larry Zikmund’s (apparent) rout of Mr. Zellmer & the triumph of political newcomer Taylor Rehfeldt in D14.

    Alex Jensen’s election is good news for Sioux Falls’ future.

    Meanwhile, (former) Libertarian Chair Aaron Aylward edged Lincoln County Chair Nathan Block by 35 votes. Recount?

    1. Anonymous

      It’s only 85 hundredths of one percent, but if Aaron’s 35-vote lead holds up in the official canvass, a recount would almost certainly be a waste of time.

      Aaron drew first position on the ballot, and Nathan drew fourth. Ballot position rarely decides a race, but it may have here. I’m not suggesting Aaron didn’t deserve this though. He’s a deeply principled individual and just a great, great guy.

      1. a friend of education

        Solid post. I don’t know Aaron, but he looks to have won the GOP nomination & I’m glad to hear that he’s a good person.

  2. Anny

    I don’t know. If I hand in the many defeats of unhinged out of touch nut jobs I would not only take credit I would sky write my victory.


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