Taffyhoward.com site now live.. sort of, with stock photos including watermark

Taffy Howard’s other website (taffyhoward.com) apparently went live this afternoon.. including photos where they haven’t bothered to buy them yet to remove the watermarking from shutterstock:

Guessing it’s still under construction, as I don’t see the required federal disclaimer up on the site, and none of the links work.

In case any other candidates want your website to look kind of authentically westernish…

You can license the image here as well.

4 thoughts on “Taffyhoward.com site now live.. sort of, with stock photos including watermark”

  1. Dusty was always going to get this kind of opposition. Dusty isn’t quite a Reagan Republican, but far too close for the radical right. The radical right can’t accept Reagan RINOs.

  2. I wonder who is breaking the licensing laws on behalf of young Ms. Taffy. They must be a volunteer because Ms. Taffy would not hire out help this incompetent.

  3. odd that she can’t just go outside and take photos of her own to use
    those aren’t even particularly good ones

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