Vote 1 for AG – Fitzgerald dropped

Russell – 27%

Ravnsborg – 47%

Fitzgerald – 26%

22 Replies to “Vote 1 for AG – Fitzgerald dropped”

  1. Regis

    Jason is a joke…. who now have made the Republucan Party a joke. SEILER is the only one laughing. Big win for the Dems. Jason can’t avoid a debate for five months like he hide from in this race. God help us.

  2. Anonymous

    I am getting a great laugh from all these negative comments against Ravnsborg. All is see are sorry losers coming from Mary and stace in most of the comments above.

  3. Anonymous

    Lol. The only ones that would have been destroyed in a debate is Fitzerald and Russell. Fitzgerald was too rigid and didn’t a think about any issues. Russell was so soft spoken, he sounded like one of the scared little boys from one of those movies asking “please Sir, may I have more?

  4. Brian Liss

    Ravnsborg is intelligent, intensely focused on working hard, and has a high military rank for his age. That rank demonstrates a long and hard experience in peacetime and at war. The other candidates, who are quite capable in their own right, were beaten by the focused persistence of a persuasive, long-term campaigner.

    1. Anonymous

      You are pathetic. Stop posting, such a sore loser. It’s getting ridiculous, I think stace needs mental help.

      Such lies about rounds. It is so laughable to think rounds had any influence on the AG race. Stace is upset because he keeps losing at everything. Lost at senate race, laughed at for lt govener. His busy Russell lost pretty bad today at ag race.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m not Mary, or Stacey, or whoever you may think, but I’ve followed these three closely throughout their careers and truly believe we may have jumped the shark by not picking Fitzgerald. I hope he runs again and stays away from the Russell/Stace crowd.

    1. Anonymous

      I hope Fitzgerald doesn’t run for anything ever again. His poor judgment deciding to work with Russell and stace shows how poor of decision making Abilities and judgement Fitzgerald has. I don’t want him representing anything in South Dakota after this.


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