Which dumpster fire will the court extinguish in the game of Survivor – Constitution party Island?

The Constitution Party….. Parties… Well, one of the Constitution party factions has named it’s candidates for the fall. From KELO Radio:

One convention nominated Terry LaFleur and Rick Gortmaker as the Constitution Party’s governor and lt. governor candidates.

The other convention nominated Lora Hubbel and Tara Volesky as the standard bearers for governor and lt. governor.

However, it’s possible that neither set of candidates makes it onto the General Election ballot.

Read it all here.

Much like the emcee on Survivor extinguishing someone’s torch, tomorrow, the judge in the court case is going to extinguish at least one of the factions’ dumpster fires when she determines the fate of the request of the Republican Party, who has sought a writ of prohibition against Secretary of State Shantel Krebs from placing either of the questionable party factions on the ballot.

Or if the GOP wins it’s arguments, it could be a double elimination, since neither faction really has a definitive claim to the mantle of the Constitution party.

Dr. Terry Lee, or Lora Hubbel?  It kind of makes it an easy decision, doesn’t it?

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  1. Good reporting by Todd Epp, but it leaves me wondering whether the hearing has really been rescheduled from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. That wouldn’t seem to leave much time for the judge to sort this out. I’m also wondering whether the Gunn-LaFleur faction will have legal representation. My understanding is that the rest of the party will, mainly for the sake of the potential appeal.

    More than 12,600 South Dakota voters supported the Constitution Party candidate for public utilities commissioner in 2014, and it will be extremely disappointing to me if the state supreme court ultimately deprives South Dakota voters of the freedom to vote for any Constitution Party candidates this year.

    1. One election does not a party make…plus nothing close since then

      Shut down this sideshow…If I was Noem I’d NEVER agree to a debate with this circus

      1. “Nothing close since then”? That’s because a federal judge (Karen Schreier) denied ballot access to the party’s 2016 candidates based on laws that were subsequently found—in the same lawsuit—to be unconstitutional.

        Noem won’t commit to the Dakotafest debate that’s less than a week away. Even if she eventually shows up for it, holding out this long is a terrible decision.

  2. I support not Dr. Lee, but the young and pretty Ms. Hubbel, who is insaner than most, and her running mate, who seems quite dim to follow Ms. Hubbel like a puppy but is equally attractive.

    If you like entertainment, go with grudznick and back the all female ticket in the Constitutional Party to get them on the page. If you see “Go with grudznick” bumper stickers painted up by Mr. PP and they go viral, what that means is “stir the pot of those insaner than most.” PP told me that wouldn’t fit on a sticker that could be read very well at 30 mph

  3. Did either dumpster fire take place in a meeting room paid for with a check written off the Constitution Party bank account?

    1. Lori Stacey passed the party financials directly to Micheal Gunn, her handpicked and unilaterally appointed replacement as fake chair-treasurer. No one else has ever seen them.

  4. Ehhhhh, what’s up doc? Does he really think he is making a difference in this state for the good? Sorry, “doctor”, you are just one of the clowns in this two ring circus, but it’s not a show I’d pay to see. Just exit quietly, stage left, and take Hubbel and Volesky with you.

  5. I just checked again, the CP national website still lists Lori Stacey as the Midwest State Region Co-Chair (over both Nebraska and South Dakota, suggesting that her legal residence isn’t that important to the national party) and links to the state website identify Micheal Gunn as the chairman. Anonymous comments about how that information is incorrect aren’t going anywhere, as the national party has surely had enough time to update their website.

    Lora Hubbel called the other convention, identifying herself as the state party chair in her letter to the Secretary of State, which we know wasn’t the case, as she had resigned in 2017 when she returned to the Republican Party. The only way she could still be the chair at that point was if she had never left the CP, and everybody knows she did.
    Meanwhile, NOBODY was conducting proper party business, holding regular meetings or doing any of the things they were supposed to be doing.

    If Annette Bosworth owns a field where this war of the roses could finally be ended, I would pay money to watch.

    1. The existence of regional co-chairs suggests that a state chair’s residence isn’t important to the national party? The national chair signed a letter that proves the opposite. It was published on this blog.

      The information you cite from the national party website and the former state party website is incorrect.

      After party members found out about Lori Stacey’s extreme malfeasance last month, they were informed by the secretary of state’s office that the party’s most recent filing pursuant to SDCL 12-5-14 still listed Lora Hubbel as chair. With only hours left to file the August 14 convention notice, the central committee agreed to have Hubbel do so—with Joel Bergan’s full approval—even though nearly the entire party now agrees that Bergan was the permanent chair at the time.

      The question is whether Judge DeVaney or the state supreme court will deprive South Dakota voters of the freedom to support Constitution Party candidates based on that relatively minor error in a good-faith effort to comply with the technicalities of state law.

      Since party members found out Stacey had never legally resumed her duties as chair after Hubbel resigned, the party under Bergan has been conducting proper business, holding regular meetings, and doing pretty much everything else they’re supposed to be doing under the party bylaws.

    2. if lora wasn’t in fact chair and filed perperwork to the sos claiming to be and to the courts wouldn’t that be perjury? filing false legal documents? she legally can’t be the chair of the party because she ran in the republican primary as a republican.

  6. Is Dakota Posts the SD GOP? It looks like they attack conservative GOP outsiders and libertarian and constitution party.

    It looks coordinated and like someone with serious time on their hands or paid staff.

      1. Lederman and his cronies better not be involved! People are saying it’s the Beals, which if they are? They are violating campaign finance laws and should be booted out of the GoP back to the Democrats where they belong.

        1. I don’t believe it’s the beals but I believe the SD GOP is affiliated. The Beal’s may very well know who it is.

        2. We read Dakota Posts and occasionally select a “like” or “laughing smiley”, but that sums up our involvement.

        3. They are social Republicans anyway. If they moved back to Mass or even moved to Minneapolis/St. Paul they would try to brown nose the Democrats and then slam Republicans.

          1. Brown nosing Democrats and slamming Republicans.

            Gee, I wonder who that sounds like 😉

            Now I know who’s spreading rumors that we’re behind Dakota Posts – lol

  7. “Social Republicans”

    You have to be kidding me. They carry more water for the elephant than almost anyone in the state. Never seen them at a press conference with liberal democrats. Never seen them carrying the legislative agenda for the Senate Democrats. Never seen them campaign against duly nominated Republicans in the general.

  8. I am trying to figure out how we would be violating campaign finance laws if we were behind Dakota Posts, which we aren’t.

    Is there money involved? How?

  9. I am not seeing how some occasionally slightly sophomoric, almost humorous Facebook posts rise to the level of illegality? Have I missed something on that page?

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