AFP running TV ad against Medicaid Expansion.

According to an e-mail sent out today:

Americans for Prosperity is leading the fight against Medicaid expansion in our state. Today, we announced a new TV ad that will run during the Republican presidential debate this Thursday evening.

The ad explains how budget shortfalls and potential tax hikes are likely if legislators allow this backdoor expansion of Obamacare.

Here’s the ad:

4 thoughts on “AFP running TV ad against Medicaid Expansion.”

  1. I must say that I’m not impressed by the AFP in SD. They haven’t exactly shown themselves to be a force.

    1. AFP is 100% funded by out of state “big” money. Just what we need, another group of non-South Dakotans telling us how we should think and how we should govern ourselves. No thanks!!

  2. I see in a sioux falls newspaper this morning that the reporter uses medicaid expansion and the teacher tax to identify (exploit) the fissure in the republican party. This created an opportunity to plug their mayor heuther.

    So for you geniuses who think this new tax bought you good will or the expansion of obamacare would help you with the press…..backfire.

  3. A more effective as would feature Fred Thompson explaining how Medicaid is more like a reverse mortgage than health insurance, showing baffled children asking why they can’t continue living in their late grandma’s house.

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