Announcement – Logan Manhart withdraws from District 1 House Race

June 8th 2022

Recent speculation has circulated in the news regarding my past residency as well as residency requirements for the Legislature specifically. While I have remained publicly silent during this time as I explore every possible option and outcome, I have come to the decision that the people of District 1 and the residents of South Dakota are what truly matter in this election. I have realized that If I were to proceed with the race, it may put the voters of District 1 in a compromising position come November when they have an important choice to make. After consulting with my legal counsel as well as friends and family, I have made the decision that it’s in the best interest for all for me to withdraw from the race. During the past two weeks I have explored every legal and political option at my disposal and at the end of the day I must abide by all rules and laws that have been set forth for this position.

Recent allegations were made that I had not met the full two-year requirement of being a South Dakota resident, and despite being approved to run initially, I cannot proceed. While I take full responsibility for the ramifications of this decision, I believe that each voter should be able to compare the candidates on their merit, free of the negativity and misinformation spread by others regarding my candidacy. Make no mistake, I plan to remain here in my home in South Dakota and help elect the candidates who stand with the conservative values we believe in.

Moving forward, I will be paying close attention to how things shake out both in the 2022 midterms and 2024 Presidential election. Thank you for the overwhelming support during these last 6 months. The race may be over for me, but the fight for the cause has just begun!

-Logan Manhart

6 thoughts on “Announcement – Logan Manhart withdraws from District 1 House Race”

  1. You have to be impressed by this young man’s decision . I am sure it was hard to get there. But, the character this shows, means he lives to ride another day

  2. It takes so much character to follow the rules and laws and only admit to breaking them after getting called out by a certain blog which shall remain nameless.

    1. Not as bad as your left wing pal from NE corner, getting challenged, and getting booted.

  3. Will he return to Wisconsin and run there next cycle after getting caught in SD violating residency requirements?

  4. Because the withdrawl and therefore the vacancy occurred after the primary, aren’t the Republican county committees in the district allowed to meet and appoint a candidate to fill the vacancy? Wasn’t that the reason for placeholders in the past?

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