Anti-vaccination group requesting street closure during special session.

An Anti-vaccination group appears to be requesting one of the roads leading to the State Capitol building be closed the morning of the special legislative session on Monday.

Health Freedom South Dakota is not listed on the street closure request, but the group’s executive director Mya Olson and her contact information is. South Dakota Boulevard is a short street, book-ended by Church Street and Broadway Avenues, which are major arterial roads bringing traffic not only to state offices, but to nearby T-F Riggs High School.

Read and listen to the story at KCCR News here.

Closing the street between Broadway & Church at 8 AM next Monday for a protest? That won’t be a mess as people jam in that area trying to go to the special session… and drop off kids at school… and go to work at 5-6 adjacent state buildings.

8 thoughts on “Anti-vaccination group requesting street closure during special session.”

  1. These fellows do seem to know how to make friends and influence people. Let us all hope after they get done whining in Pierre about this they lend some additional hilarity to the “campaign” of young Ms. Howard.

  2. Is this another group of people who just moved here from blue states?
    I wish these people who are so fond of government mandates would go back where they came from.

  3. Arrests for obstructing traffic flow of a public street are in order if the group does carry through.

  4. Send these Blue state “Refugees” back to where they came from. They helped make those states a mess and can go back to deal with it. Don’t Oregon, California, New York or anywhere else my South Dakota!

    1. no they are Republicans who thought there was freedom here and then found out about Kristi’s lies

      1. It’s still the same issue: a government mandate requiring businesses to get their employees vaccinated is just as bad as a government mandate prohibiting them from requiring vaccinations. They are flip sides of the same coin. A government mandate is a government mandate.
        You might not like working for an employer who requires you to be vaccinated, but you are free to work for somebody else.

        You might not like living in a state where the Governor doesn’t tell employers how to run their businesses, but you are free to live somewhere else too. Bye!

  5. Anyone driving from Spearfish that could give John Dale a ride to the Capitol for the protest?

  6. A law prohibiting businesses from enacting vaccine/mask requirements… Kinda contradictory to the idea of “Laissez Faire”, isn’t it?

    Alexis de Tocqueville must be shaking his head… or spinning in his grave.

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