Sioux Falls Patriot Ripple Effect Political Action Committee launches website, where you can get a rice bowl & koozy with your protest

I’d written before about the Patriot Ripple Effect group which took part in the anti-Thune rally in Sioux Falls and helped organize the protest across from Sanford Hospital.

In case you need any reminders, the group is chaired by Adam Broin, with former Minnehaha GOP Chair Dave Roetman serving as treasurer and main contact for the committee.

I was also told that new Sioux Falls at-large city council candidate Bobbi Andera was a politically conservative recruit of this group as they seek out new candidates to take out incumbents, with Andera running to take on incumbent Janet Brekke for one of the at-large Sioux Falls City Council spots.

As noted, one of their primary activities to date has been connecting with the state’s anti-vaccination group to protest businesses requiring employees to vaccinate, such as when they protested in front of Sanford Health, who recently reported a 99% vaccination of employees.

After several months, it appears that the Patriot Ripple Effect is stepping things up a notch, as they organize to bring a bus from Sioux Falls to Pierre to protest during the special sessions for redistricting and impeachment.. I guess they’re protesting that they aren’t calling a special session to pass more anti-vaxxing laws, necessary or not..

An e-mail is being distributed from the group in the last day or so, as they try to get people to attend their anti-vax rally..

Chartered bus going to Capital Building in Pierre on Monday, November 8 for the “No Vax Mandate Rally.”  (You can drive yourself there as well.)

2 options. First, pack your own lunch to bring OR Pre-buy a lunch ticket for a Mexican themed food truck that will be there. $12 pre-sale price or $15 at truck. (We have to pre-sell 200 lunch tickets to get the truck there that day)

Bathroom: The bus has bathroom facility on board

Payment: $40 per person who ride the bus.

You can purchase the bus ticket and lunch meal online at:

Patriot Ripple Effect

The only worthwhile thing is that we do find out that Patriot Ripple Effect finally has a website at  And what insightful patriotic information are they providing to the masses in their crusade to throw out too-liberal Republican incumbents and stamp out vaccination?:

Apparently, the website for this grassroots effort funded by local small donors who wish the best for South Dakota’s community, economy, health, and liberties are letting us know that you can get a chicken rice bowl for $12, ride the bus for $40, and you can also buy a very generic t-shirt or koozy from them.

Whoof! I’m not sure we can handle all the patriotism that going to be happening there. It’s like they’ll be serving up a freedom-frenzy with your chicken rice bowl!

12 thoughts on “Sioux Falls Patriot Ripple Effect Political Action Committee launches website, where you can get a rice bowl & koozy with your protest”

  1. has anybody informed the bus company that they will be running the Covid Express and the passengers are all unvaccinated and unlikely to be wearing masks as well?
    I am wondering how the driver might feel about that.

  2. Somehow, I don’t think they’re going to get the 200 pre-orders they need to get the food truck.

  3. By all means, let’s mock people who want to peacefully exercise their constitutionally protected rights to assemble, associate, and petition their government for the redress of grievances.

      1. “Liberty”. I think Pats stuff typically has “(the name that wins) for (an office that is worth winning)”

  4. Curious if the blue state refugee from New Jersey and moved to Tea, SD will be on the bus. She didn’t read the local parking ordinances in Tea upon arrival, had her car towed, posted on the seeking freedom in SD facebook page playing the victim and then set up a go fund me page for donations to help get her car back. Personal responsibility. Yep!

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