What aren’t we hearing anything about? That would be tonight’s rally from the anti-Thune goofballs.

Remember the big John Thune/Tom Cotton fundraising lunch event held a few weeks back?

I’ll let you in on some inside baseball. Because of Senator’s schedules, sometimes events like that come together fast, and with only a little notice. And the Thune/Cotton event held earlier in July was no exception.

With a lightning fast turnaround, I believe they had about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks lead time, and they had a crowd of 200-300 for a mid-week lunch, with people scrambling to participate in the round table held earlier and driving in from across the state to be there.

Why do I bring it up? Because there was another event that was just held tonight. And that’s an event we’re not hearing anything about.

I’m talking about tonight’s rally that the group of goofy facebook anti-John Thune people had been working on and promoting for over a month. They had Bruce Whalen in his first US Senate Campaign appearance. Also speaking at the event was State Rep Taffy Howard, who seems to be dipping her toe in the water to maybe run for Congress. And it was headlined by self-styled conservative social media person Scott Preseler.

The only photos filtering out of the event I have been able to find so far appears to show maybe 10 to 15 people – in addition to the speakers – under the farmers market picnic shelter.

For an event they had months to prep for, it seems to have been a complete flop.

When Julie Korth, leader of the “Primary John Thune Facebook Group” spent weeks calling for her fellow facebook warriors, q-anon followers, and meme consumers to show up in Sioux Falls at the farmer’s market picnic shelter for a free event with their announced US Senate candidate and an out of state speaker they recruited in a show of force for their political movement.. this is what they ended up with:

Er.. yeah.

They might have been able to muster a larger crowd to watch if they had set a tire on fire in the parking lot.

If they were hoping for an event to demonstrate how strong they claim their movement is.. I guess they showed us all.

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  1. Well, it least it was free, unlike the massive ScamFest in Rapid City this weekend grifting a few grand a piece out of thousands. $500 minimum to hear a bunch of C & D list media types say exactly the same thing they say on their shows for free.

    Freedom isn’t free, that’s for damn sure.

  2. I imagine they felt some new found confidence, and with so much noise being made about conspiracy theories (see the Arizona audit, the January 6th capitol riot was first blamed on ANTIFA and now the FBI seems to be flavor of the day, etc.) within the party generally, they probably thought more people were with them than actually are. It’s nice to know they are being relegated to the fringes where they can lament their station with the John Dales of the world.

  3. I was at the rally as a non political observer and there were at least 200 people there. The photo you used is very misleading. Scott’ s speech was articulate and interesting. He made politics fun for all..including the many young people present. People were there from Spear fish, Rapid as well as Pine Ridge with a good representation of conservative youth groups from Sioux Falls we are Just beginning to hear about. Scott’ s message was “Do Something”. If you check his FB page there will be video of the event that shoes the true size of the crowd.

    1. Barbara; I think I met you at the event this week. 🙂

      Scott Presler is an electric speaker with a strong message. I’m sure he’s not perfect and I don’t want to deify him, but he might be the most effective speaker I’ve seen in all my years as a student, performer, and attendee of hundreds of events of all sizes. If Scott makes his way back to SD before 2022, I would put this one on the “must attend” list.

      The picture above reminds of of what CNN used to do to create the impression that Trump rallies were not well attended.

      This was an energized crowed of mostly older women (but folks from all walks of life) who are motivated for true conservative issues including, most importantly, election integrity.

      We drove-over from Spearfish to meet Scott, connect with other like minded conservatives, hear and evaluate his message, and because I try not to pass-up an opportunity to show-off my George Washington socks.

      We drove from coast to coast and back again Thursday and Friday. My kids were extremely happy to have been there despite the long drive. They couldn’t stop talking about this enriching experience with genuine and authentic folks from all walks-of-life.

      I met some GREAT folks, including Scott, and I am happy I attended despite the distance.

      Here’s some more information about Scott:


    1. 200 people? That just didn’t happen.

      I’m suuurrree there were another 100 people in their cars.

      1. The video is a little tough to follow, but I quickly estimated just now between 100-150 folks. The parking spaces at that (really cool) farmers’ market shelter were extremely close to the action. It was very hot and muggy, so it would make sense that a few stragglers were in their cars staying cool and listening from a short distance. Somebody with video editing software could probably stitch together a mosaic frame by frame and count.

        1. The fact that this is even being discussed shows the establishment is not pleased. I’d take 200 everyday citizens over 200 lobbyists paying to listen to John Thune any day.

  4. So 2 sitting united states senators can draw a few more people then some guy nobody heard of? Good job Thune

  5. Hello. My name is Scott Presler & I was the speaker at this event.

    I am commenting to fact-check the claim of “10 to 15 people.” Here is a link to the video of us at the event, showing ten times that number of attendees:


    I respectfully request that you amend this post, so that is it correct for your readers. They deserve to know the truth, as I’m sure you agree.

    Thank you, kindly.

    Scott Presler

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