Argus on Hawks Campaign Roll out: It’s Amateur Hour.

The Argus Leader’s 100 Eyes program is running right now, with the major topic of discussion the Argus staffers savaging Paula Hawks’ announcement for Congress.  Editor or Content Strategist, (or whatever they call him now) Patrick Lalley summed it up in three words, as noticed by Tony Reiss:

Lalley reiterated that statement later in the show, and continued noting “She wasn’t ready to be the candidate.”  “What’s the campaign about….?”

He let the word “Substandard” slip inadvertently, but it’s pretty accurate. And should continue to be for quite some time.

7 thoughts on “Argus on Hawks Campaign Roll out: It’s Amateur Hour.”

  1. Like I said this morning …
    It’s over before it even started.
    Paula, don’t waste your time.

  2. Does she have a Facebook page? I really hope for her sake the “Hawks for U.S. House” is not her campaign’s page, because that would be sad.

  3. The only thing Paula Hawks has ever been about: ultraliberal demagoguery. She is completely and hopelessly devoid of any workable solutions for South Dakota or this country and preys upon the goodwill of fellow South Dakotans to push her leftist agenda. It is amazing she managed to win a legislative seat. Why should we expect anything of any substance from her campaign?

  4. I hope this is a soft roll out.

    Where is the excitment? Where is vauge campgains promises?
    Her video back ground music is about ready to put me to sleep. she should be using AC/DC Highway to Hell or something a wee bit more exciting.

    The web page is a cookie cutter site. The one positive is the site is mobile friendly.

    We’ll see where it goes from here.

  5. It’s over for sure. But it would also over for Brendan Johnson against Noem which is why he is on the sidelines.

    I watched the video with Hawks and while I agree that her entrance into the race left much to be desired in terms of strategy she actually comes off really well in the video and might be someone that the base of the SDDP can rally around.

    I would think that she could get 40% of the vote if she runs a decent campaign and probably 40-45% of the vote if she runs a really good campaign.

    She looks like a better candidate at first glance than Varilek was and he ran a much better campaign against Noem than anyone would have expected.

    Hawks needs to find her message and she needs to figure out where Noem’s weaknesses are (because she has some) and Hawks needs to figure out how she can get her name id up there with little money. This was a mistake on Hawks’ part because she lost a lot of free media coverage but she can make up that ground if she tries a little harder to get some attention.

    I remember when Noem announced at the Hughes county LDD in 2010. She didn’t exactly get the greatest media coverage by announcing in Pierre.

    So in closing I will say that while Hawks doesn’t have much of a chance at winning she certainly has a chance to be likable and keep Noem under 60%. That is a win for Democrats. There is much more potential in Hawks’ candidacy than I would have expected.

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