Bad news for two visitors to South Dakota this week

Sidney Powell is somewhere in the Black Hills working on her book. Mike Lindell is in Sioux Falls running a cyber symposium.

And they both received some news tonight which probably ruined their week.

2 thoughts on “Bad news for two visitors to South Dakota this week”

  1. This is exceptionally dangerous for Dominion.

    They have to be hoping for a settlement.

    Game on.

    Let’s see how discovery goes.

    Maybe they’ll have to produce the passwords for Maricopa county?

    They’ll need to call the NSA as a witness.


    1. So, Lindell’s own cybersecurity expert attending the “symposium” in Sioux Falls is quoted as saying: “packet captures are unrecoverable in the data” and “the data, as provided, cannot prove a cyberincursion by China,” and STILL you clutch to this theory like your life depends on it. Your brain is broken, John.

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