So, do we now call it a “my pillow sham?”

Not looking good for Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium tonight after his lead investigator is now claiming he can’t prove China hacked our election.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s lead cyber expert now says the key data underpinning the theory that China hacked the 2020 election unveiled at the Cyber Symposium is illegitimate.


But Mr. Lindell’s lead cyber expert, Josh Merritt, told The Washington Times that packet captures are unrecoverable in the data and that the data, as provided, cannot prove a cyberincursion by China.


“We were handed a turd,” he said. “And I had to take that turd and turn it into a diamond. And that’s what I think we did.”

Read it all here.

16 thoughts on “So, do we now call it a “my pillow sham?””

  1. He’s going to break a lot of hearts. But, on the other hand, these people are so invested in this fiasco they’ll never admit they were wrong no matter what.

    1. ^ gaslighting alert.

      The election was ta ken.

      Bellweather counties.

      Broken water pipes.

      Running ballots through multiple times.


      Denying access to poll watchers.

      Dominion was just providing the intel.

      We have all the fake ballots and broken chains of custody.

      If you think this was a fair and free election, I have some ocean front property for you in Maricopa County, Arizona.

  2. While election fraud is being discussed, don’t forget the two American Indian women who were allowed to serve in the Legislature even though they did not live in their district, much less South Dakota! Did the one currently serving actually move into the district yet? Or does she still “intend” to move there eventually?

  3. We don’t need to prove it was China.

    We need to prove it was hacked and stolen.

    The burden of proof was satisfied in my mind long before Lindell presented the PCAPs and data disparities.

    Our elections are a GLOBAL JOKE and the reputations of anyone claiming otherwise are .. likewise.

    1. “We don’t need to prove it was China”? No?

      You mean the China that you claimed “hacked the election”? The very reason for the symposium? And, as you might recall, Mike Lindell publicly agreed to pay 5 million dollars to anyone who could prove him wrong about that China hack.

      That China?

      Of course not, John Dale. You don’t need to prove nothin to nobody. Just knowing that the “burden of proof was satisfied” in your mind… that should be enough.

    2. Tuesday, his symposium was “hacked”.

      Then, last night, Mike Lindell claims he was “attacked” outside his hotel room. I think he is claiming that it was… ahem… Antifa. His voice was cracking this morning when he talked about it.

      He appeared to be visibly shaken. But – not enough to file a police report, I guess.

  4. Key timeline:

    covid -> mail in ballots -> illegal harvesting and manipulation of voter roles -> prevention of oversight and audit.

    Our country’s brand – its elections – is tarnished and soiled.

    The revenues and global influence will follow without a cleansing of leadership that got us here.

      1. I need something that’s firm and will support my neck, but won’t go flat after a month. That’s been close to impossible.

  5. Or…..We could just consider this “average man’s president” wasn’t liked by the majority of the country (this was also confirmed in his first election), and he just lost the election. There is no proof the claim that it was stolen, other than you want that excuse. I know a lot of people who would have voted for anyone over Trump, his objective to divide the country and make those that didn’t vote for him pay in some way wasn’t presidential, or even average….move on.

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