At Brookings Co Lincoln Day Dinner

I’m sitting at my nearly empty table, tapping this out as people snake through the food line at the 2015 Brookings County Lincoln Day Dinner.

Congresswoman Kristi Noem is the keynote speaker tonight, a speech I’m looking forward to hearing. Other constitutional officers are here such as Steve Barnett, Chris Nelson, and Marty Jackley.

Very interestingly, State Rep Mark Mickelson is here visiting the city of his youth. I’m not sure of we should chalk that up to nostalgia, or to the fact that the two other main contenders for Governor in 2018 are here as well.

Jason Ravnsborg is here too, which coincides with the rumor of his interest in 2018 contest for Attorney General.

Legislators? State Senator Larry Tidemann and State Representative Scott Munsterman are here locally, and Reps Leslie Heinemann, John Wiik, & Fred Deutsch all made it to town.

The candidates for Mayor, Keith Corbett & Mayor Tim Reed are here, as are other city and county officials.

It’s a nice crowd, especially for an off year. I’ll update on any interesting things that come up tonight.

The Complete List of Jeb Bush legislators. (Or I need to watch my e-mail more closely.)

Ugh. Too much on my plate, and too much spam in my e-mail box. I am only realizing a day later that I was sent the list of legislators who joined the South Dakota group for Jeb Bush. So, better late than never….

South Dakota State Legislators Join Draft Jeb Bush Group

Senate Majority Leader Joins Group Urging Jeb Bush to Seek Presidency

Sioux Falls, SD— March 26, 2015 — Today Steve Westra (R-SD) announced the addition of eight South Dakota state legislators to the South Dakotans for Jeb Bush volunteer group, including Senate Majority Leader Tim Rave (R-SD). The South Dakotans for Jeb Bush group was founded by Steve Westra, assistant South Dakota House majority leader, and has gathered hundreds of names of South Dakotans that are urging Jeb Bush to run for the presidency of the United States. The group was the first in the nation formed to urge Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, to run for the office of the President.

“We have shown that this draft Jeb Bush movement has broad state wide appeal,” said Westra. “We have respected state leaders from West River ranch country, the James River valley area, Sioux Falls, and all over East River.”

“Jeb Bush represents the best of South Dakota conservatism, and that is why this draft movement is attracting the support of many Republicans. We have farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, educators, and students that are united in their support of Jeb Bush,” said Westra. “Jeb Bush represents the majority of South Dakotan’s views on a limited government, a strong national defense, and protection of our Second Amendment rights.”

South Dakotans for Jeb Bush has set up a Facebook site at with over 500 names accumulated to date. The group will be sending Jeb Bush the names of South Dakotans that were early supporters of his campaign.

The complete list of legislators that have joined South Dakotans for Jeb Bush include:

1. Senator Tim Rave (R-SD), Senate Majority Leader, District 25, Baltic, SD
2. Representative Justin R. Cronin (R-SD), District 23, Gettysburg, SD
3. Senator Phyllis Heineman (R-SD), District 13, Sioux Falls, SD
4. Representative Alex Jensen (R-SD), District 12, Sioux Falls, SD
5. Representative Larry Zikmund (R-SD), District 14, Sioux Falls, SD
6. Representative Fred W. Romkema (R-SD), District 31, Spearfish, SD
7. Representative Dick Werner (R-SD), District 22, Huron, SD
8. Representative Burt E. Tulson (R-SD), District 2, Lake Norden, SD


Rave, others sign on for Jeb Bush

The AP has a story this morning noting former GOP Chair, and current Senate Majority Leader, Tim Rave has signed on to support Jeb Bush for President:

A South Dakota lawmaker who formed a group to back potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush is being joined by some top state legislators.

Sioux Falls Republican Rep. Steve Westra says Senate Majority Leader Tim Rave and seven others have signed on to his volunteer group.

Read it here.

(So who are the others? Nice detail, AP)

Rounds Offers Amendment to Protect Taxpayers from Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Rounds Offers Amendment to Protect Taxpayers
from Waste, Fraud and Abuse

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) today introduced an amendment to the budget resolution requiring Congress to include findings from Inspectors General (IG) when examining ways to reduce waste, fraud and abuse within federal agencies.

“We owe it to South Dakota taxpayers to make certain their hard-earned dollars are spent wisely in Washington,” said Rounds. “I’ve already been working with IGs in my committee work and know firsthand how valuable their reports can be in finding waste, fraud and abuse among agencies. My amendment seeks to include this valuable information when conducting important oversight work in Congress.”

The current budget resolution calls for Congressional oversight committees to examine the biennial Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) High Risk List when finding ways to seek waste, fraud and abuse within their agencies of jurisdiction. Rounds’ amendment would add Inspector General semi-annual reports and unimplemented recommendations as part of that oversight process.


Robocall defense lawyer back in the news.

Shawn Tornow, who defended Dan Willard in the infamous Robocall case by saying Stace Nelson could have done it, (and last we knew still represents Nelson in the civil Robocall lawsuit) now has a new gig in court: 

In a motion filed earlier this month, Rasmussen’s lawyer, Shawn Tornow, said local media coverage has “negatively reflected on my client.” Attached to the motion were several articles referring to Rasmussen as one of the “homicide players” in the LeBeau murder. 
 Tornow wrote that “nearly all of such stories” have “this young defendant in a negative light — arguably a negative and wrongful media-generate inaccurate projection of (the) defendant as some type of more calculating and/or more mature ‘Black Widow’.” 

Read it here.

Tornow is moving from misdemeanor election violation cases to drug robbery conspiracy cases?

Is it me, or is the OST Council starting to sound a little too much like a middle eastern country?

Is it me, or does the string of Pine Ridge tribal ‘bans’  seem a little too much like what happens in middle eastern countries, as they’ve first banned the attorney of the man accused of spilling beer on kids, and now have banned the Rapid City Journal because they wrote a headline that angered them? (and later apologized for)

From a past issue of USA Today:

The Moroccan government has banned an issue of the French magazine L’Express International, claiming it insults Islam in articles exploring the relationship between that religion and Christianity.

Information Minister Khalid Naciri said Sunday that he had no choice but to ban the current issue because of the offensive nature of the articles it contained. The minister said the kingdom’s press code allows the government to shut down or ban any publication deemed to offend Islam or the king.

Read that here.

And from the Argus Leader, yesterday:

The Oglala Sioux Tribal Council has approved a resolution banning all businesses on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation from selling the Rapid City Journal after the newspaper published a headline the tribe found objectionable.

Tribal spokesman Kevin Steele told KCSR-AM that the ban will stay in effect until the newspaper apologizes for a headline that questioned whether a group of Native American students stood for the pledge of allegiance at a Rapid City Rush hockey game.

Read that here.

The last time I checked, tribes were governed by federal law.  But, apparently the OST governing council doesn’t think the bill of rights applies to them, specifically freedom of the press.

What are your thoughts?

So, what’s going on out there?

I’m sitting at a coffee shop in Sioux Falls waiting for a meeting that had to be pushed back, reflecting on the happenings of the day.

What have I heard today?

I heard that SD politico Chris Hupke may have signed on to work for the Trump presidential effort. (No word if they all have to wear their hair like that).

Patrick Davis has responded to the story attacking he and SD attorney Joel Arends. Apparently the source publication is a George Soros org:

Patrick Davis released the following statement in response to the story which first appeared in the radical leftist George Soros funded ProPublica online publication.

“I am pleased to announce that Person to Person PAC, Red State Productions, Patrick Davis Consulting, Italia Federici and Joel Arends have resolved their differences with Vote 2 Reduce Debt in an amicable settlement following our work together in 2014 to raise public awareness of America’s spiraling national debt and the importance of electing Senators and Congressman who pledged, if elected, to take steps to reverse the nation’s path to financial and fiscal ruin.

Recently, each of us was contacted by Pro Publica reporter Robert Fateruchi, who was apparently being fed false and misleading allegations against and/or about our efforts, our work, our project and/or our relationship(s) with one another – in a seeming attempt to discredit our legitimate efforts to change the course of America’s out-of-control spending.

These allegations include misquoted sources and fabricated quotes in an effort by Mr. Fateruchi and Pro Publica to malign the reputations of all parties involved in this important cause, as a means, no doubt, of furthering Pro Publica’s leftist agenda that we were involved in defeating in 2014. Pro Publica is nothing more than an arm of the radical George Soros-funded network of liberal media outlets formed to attack, defame, and undermine legitimate activities of committed conservatives.

This should be a lesson to all conservative activists and consultants standing, working and speaking in the public arena. When you are effective the left will attack you. Be prepared to fight. No good deed goes unpunished.

It is my prayer that God will bless Ken Davis and his family with good health, happiness and prosperity and that God will bless the United States of America and the conservative patriots standing, working and speaking for freedom and liberty against tyranny and evil.”

I’m also hearing (and seeing) that things are kind of slow politically at the moment.

What are you hearing out there?

Thune at Ag Hearing: Waters of the U.S. Rule Prime Example of EPA Overreach

Thune at Ag Hearing: Waters of the U.S. Rule Prime Example of EPA Overreach

“Waters of the U.S. rule is another example of what has become an all-too-common practice of this administration to reach into the lives, livelihoods, and pocketbooks of the American people it is supposed to be helping.”

WASHINGTON, D.C.—U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today sharply criticized the Obama Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) controversial Waters of the U.S. rule at hearing before the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee entitled, “Waters of the United States: Stakeholder Perspectives on the Impact of EPA’s Proposed Rule.” Thune noted that the EPA’s overreach has generated so much concern and controversy that stakeholders have weighed in with over a million comments to the proposed rule.

Video of Thune statement is available here.

“[W]hat concerns me the most about this EPA proposed Waters of the U.S. rule is that it is another example of what has become an all-too-common practice of this administration to reach into the lives, livelihoods, and pocketbooks of the American people it is supposed to be helping.

“Even before this rule is finalized, the cost of just the proposed rule to the people it is supposed to be helping is staggering. Think about the amount of time taken for respondents to file over a million comments to the proposed rule, the number Congressional hearings including this one, and individuals, small businesses and county and state governments who have worked hard to keep this rule from destroying their livelihoods has cost already millions of dollars to counter a government that was created to be of assistance.”