This is the New SDDP Executive Director?

South DaCola took a few minutes off from hating on everyone this afternoon, and posted that the new Executive Director for the SDDP is identified as Suzie Jones Pranger.

No, I haven’t really heard of her either. But, there is this video out there floating around which gives the impression she’s been involved in some of the Dem campaigns in the past:


And this LTE, which someone pawned off on her to sign in 2010 during the Herseth campaign.

Her curriculum vitae matches up with what I’d heard was the background of the person coming into the job, so I have no reason to question it.  Although, why would a past chair of USD Women in Law choose to become the ED of the South Dakota Democratic Party?  That’s like signing up to captain the Titanic after it hit the iceberg.

Ah, youth and exuberance. (It takes a few bruises before they become callused and cynical like most campaign veterans).

23 thoughts on “This is the New SDDP Executive Director?”

  1. The good news, I guess, is that if she made it through the 2010 crushing loss she can withstand future loses with assumed ease.

    1. I feel for her having to deal with some of the yoyos and angry extremists that have taken over that party.

      1. This is not what the SDDP needed. They need someone experienced who understands that a part needs to be diverse with a big tent mentality towards a SD Dem first and National Dem last. (Weiland would be a poor choice also because of his A-holishness toward Democrats who aren’t as progressive as he is) But someone plugged in and able to raise some cash.

        Tornberg and this young lady will crash and burn BIG TIME because Tornberg doesn’t bring anything to the table and I doubt this lady knows the first thing about campaigns and winning.

  2. Is this an indication that Stephanie Herseth is trying to influence the party in preparation of a move to run for office in the future?

    1. Maybe Tornberg is a big Stephanie supporter and they are trying to build that Herseth base in the party back up for 2018?

  3. Speaking as a Dem, I’m excited to have Suzie as ED. It’s about time we push some of the leftists out of driving our message and get back to the business of winning. Putting a Herseth supporter in would be a great first step.

      1. including a few out of state crazies pushing their drug filled vile agendas which just divide what is left of the SDDP and help insure SDGOP domination for a long time.

  4. Was she pregnant during the time the video was shot, or just really out-of shape ?

      1. Trash, Mr. Powers? It’s time for liberals to begin a flow chart of how your snarky comments wane as the we grow in popularity. Until our cats scratch your dog’s eyes out, we welcome your “mean spirited” nature, sir.

      2. i’m not here to comment on anyone’s physicality, but i will say that on first glance i thought here picture was an editing room outtake from “billy jack”

    1. Wow. Say what you want about her resume, but that kind of personal comment is incredibly sexist and completely out of place. No one would EVER make that kind of comment about a male promoted into a leadership role, regardless of party affiliation. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. it is good to see the younger generation get involved in politics. We have to teach them the RIGHTway

  6. Who’s leading the SD GOP? Does the GOP have any staff right now?

    I hope we would hire someone more experienced than the Dems have done.

  7. If I was a Dem I wouldn’t feel very optimistic about this hire unless it signals a return of SHS for Governor. But I doubt it signals anything like that.

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