Congressman Dusty Johnson named most effective Republican in US House on Agriculture issues

The Center for Effective Lawmaking has completed a study, and a few weeks ago, announced the release of the Legislative Effectiveness Scores (LES) for the recently-completed 116th Congress (2019-21) in order to come up with a benchmark of the most effective lawmakers in Congress.

And according to the survey, South Dakota’s lone Congressman, Dusty Johnson, was cited as being the most effective Republican in the US House when it comes to Agriculture issues:

Top Performers in the 116th House, by Policy Area

Newly added to the CEL Legislative Effectiveness Scores (LES) in 2021 are Interest and Legislative Effectiveness Scores (ILES) in each of 21 different issue areas.  These are based on issue area codes from the Comparative Agendas Project through the 111th Congress and based on issue areas found on for the past decade.  The methodology that we employed to construct these scores is the same as that for the overall LES; but we simply base our analysis on the subset of bills that each legislator sponsored in each issue area.

Throughout 2021 we will be releasing reports in which we highlight the scores in many of these different issue areas.  For now, we list the top performing lawmakers in each area, by party, for both the House and the Senate.  Readers interested in exploring these scores more thoroughly can find all of these scores in a new interface on the CEL website.

Most Effective Lawmakers in 116th House, by Policy Area and Party

Policy Area Top Democrat ILES Top Republican ILES
Agriculture Gregorio Sablan (CNMI) 63.1 Dusty Johnson (SD) 2.83

Read it all here.

Congratulations to Congressman Johnson and thanks for his service to South Dakota working to promote agriculture!

5 thoughts on “Congressman Dusty Johnson named most effective Republican in US House on Agriculture issues”

  1. A couple things. Johnson had a 2.83 to the Dem’s 63.1? I understand Dusty is in the minority, but that is a huge swing.

    Also, I didn’t read the entire linked article, but what I did read didn’t say anything much about the legislation sponsored and passed in terms of whether it is terrible for the country (almost everything every Democrat is doing) or good for the country (some of what some Republicans are doing).

    The doddering Dem president is getting a lot done, but it is almost all anti-American and harmful to the country.

  2. I love what wasn’t highlighted from his profile. The majority of his work has been on native american issues – more than 11.5% Makes his Ag number seem much small now…

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