CPAC attendees…. What’s your opinion?

For our readers who have been to CPAC before – What did you like/dislike about the event?

I’m looking at arranging my schedule to go in about a month, and I’m wondering your thoughts.  Is it worth it? What parts were a must see? What parts were “meh, don’t bother?”

3 thoughts on “CPAC attendees…. What’s your opinion?”

  1. I love CPAC but mostly because it’s being taken over by a bunch of young Libertarians who lean conservative. It’s a great place to meet people and maybe snag a picture with your favorite far-away Congress people. I’m probably skipping 2015 however and saving my $ for the real action at CPAC 2016.

  2. Lets see… where to begin. First take everything you need as National Harbor is like an Island. If you cant find it at CVS or the small grocery store its a ways to get anything else for shopping. Food and especially drinks are spendy. But make sure you get out on Wednesday and Thursday night to the bars as its always fun who you run into and have great conversations with… Last year I met Mary Katherine Ham and had a wonderful chat with her. It will surprise you who you see just walking down the halls. Get Media Credentials… if you have any issues with that contact me. Other than that, see the speeches, the wifi usually sucks but its free and catch some of the break out sessions as they seem to be the most turbulent if thats your thing. Have fun and I wish we were going this year but been the last two and I agree with Emmet that next year should be for some real fun as it will fall right at the start of the primaries.

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