Dem Chances for a US Senate candidate looking even more dismal….

You know it’s looking bad for Democrats coming up with a candidate against Thune when even Frank Kloucek has no interest in it….

Maybe they can search the trash from cleaning out the prior ED’s desk to see if there were any rolodex cards that might have been discarded…

11 thoughts on “Dem Chances for a US Senate candidate looking even more dismal….”

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Thune had a primary. It’s not as if he doesn’t stand next to Mitch McConnell every week on tv.

    Democrats need to go find someone young, energetic and says I’m excited to stand up for what I believe in. It’s all about doing what you believe in politics. They need to find one of those people.

    1. Can they get someone to move back to SD to run or maybe someone just moved here and can be swayed to run?

      Looks like Senator Thune’s campaign war chest will hardly be affected in 2016 and will only grow more which is amazing!

      Way things are going in this state the Democrats will be running their office out of someone’s unfinished dark and damp basement on a part time basis with a 40 watt incandescent light bulb blinking almost ready to burn out.

  2. I wonder why either Brendan Johnson or Stephanie Herseth are so quiet right now. Are they just sitting this out until the Dems get control of their party back from the extreme lefty socialists who have taken it over? If so, that is smart on their parts.

    1. As Bernie Sanders is making as many waves as he is in the Dem primary, will the Dems try to get back to a point of sanity or are they going over the Socialist cliff?

  3. rumor is that a 78 year old former Democratic county chair might run against Thune if nobody else will

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