Democrat Party State Chair Randy Seiler defeated for Ft. Pierre City Council seat

Democrat Party State Chair Randy Seiler had a bad night last evening, as he was defeated for a Ft. Pierre City Council seat.

Seiler, who had served on the Council before was challenging Rick Cronin for the Ward III seat vacated by Mike Weisgram who is now in the State Legislature.   According to reports, Seiler was defeated 70-67.

So.. the Democrat’s State Party Chairman, and was last a statewide candidate for Attorney General couldn’t win a City Council race among 150 people in his neighborhood?

(Maybe he should have attended a Republican campaign school?)

6 thoughts on “Democrat Party State Chair Randy Seiler defeated for Ft. Pierre City Council seat”

  1. Randy’s options now:

    1) Move to Del Boca Vista and retire.
    2) Hire Kramer as his campaign manager.
    3) Before his next campaign, send all voters a “Wizard organizer”.

    Seiler for President 2024?

  2. You mean waving goodbye? Okay, I accept that, Portair.

    Seiler’s time has come and gone, and he is just a cipher now; he should fade into the sunset gracefully.

  3. I don’t remember the issue. Anyway, sometime after the party nominating conventions, Randy made a series of statements which pandered to the far-lefters (or as Porter says “Blue Wavers) and my comment was simple.

    Seiler just betrayed every perception of him being a level-headed Democrat and he is toast. On election day, he basically held the Democrats, lost all Republicans and split the independents. In South Dakota that means you get trounced by double digits.

    Now, he can’t even get elected by his neighbors.

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