Democrats facing being washed away by massive red wave in 2022

A red wave across this country portends to wash out Democrats in Congress after dismal polling results for President Biden:

“I’ve been telling Democrats, especially Democrats in targeted seats, enjoy the holidays, and you got a decision to make: retire or lose next fall,” Rep. Tom Emmer (R-Minn.), the chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee, told The Hill.

Emmer cautioned that a GOP House majority is not guaranteed, though he asserted that as many as 70 Democrats could lose their seats in a possible wave, warning “in this environment, no Democrat is safe.”


That confluence of factors is leading Democrats to privately — and in some cases publicly — concede that their grip on the House is tenuous.

“The environment is particularly dour, both because of rising prices, economic anxiety, frustration about feeling stagnant when it comes to COVID, that it is not behind us despite the fact that we’ve been living with it for two years,” Democratic pollster Molly Murphy said. “If this environment holds, it’s going to be pretty damning.”

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6 thoughts on “Democrats facing being washed away by massive red wave in 2022”

  1. Damning indeed. You reap what you sow, and the Left has sown nothing but the seeds of their own demise.

  2. I don’t trust polls anymore, but you have to give it to Biden, he really is a head up his a** president. He doesn’t understand how important it is to keep your foundation strong.

    Trump’s foundation were the fake Christians, he knew that and always gave them what they were looking for, justifying their hate of others (wouldn’t even condemn murder of the opposite side) and always kept a focus on banning abortion.

    Biden on the other hand, had a progressive foundation wanting student loan reform, embracing sustainable practices, and spreading out the wealth. The guy has contradicted all of the important issues to his foundation, he turned his back on his foundation, who does he think will back him?

    On the other hand, be happy he isn’t doing anything, he really isn’t that bad, infrastructure was something we all needed, Trump would have passed it his second term as well. When people make such a fuss about him, I ask, what exactly has he done, not many people can point to specific permanent legislation that will impact them (usually they say he’s destroying America and trying to turn us to communism…..okay, Karen). I would like to keep him there next term, let people see a 90 year old president who is so out of touch with his foundation it implodes.

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