Denise Maher Announces Candidacy for Republican National Committeewoman

Denise Maher Announces Candidacy for Republican National Committeewoman

September 12, 2023 – Bringing her extensive experience and collaborative spirit to bear for the Grand Old Party, Denise Maher will seek election as Republican National Committeewoman.

A Rapid City resident with a background in marketing, training, and communications, Denise has the skills and experience required to represent South Dakota on the national level. She will be an asset to the SDGOP and our Republican grassroots. Having served as Communications Director for the Pennington GOP, she possesses in-depth knowledge of the Party and its operations. Denise won election to serve Pennington County as a 2022 SDGOP Convention At-Large Delegate. Over the years, she has been instrumental in helping dozens of candidates defeat liberals and defend conservative principles.

Known for her extensive record of Party and community involvement, Denise is a founding member of South Dakota Strong – West River, a local organization created to provide conservative community leaders and elected representatives a platform to directly connect with South Dakota citizens. She is also a member of the South Dakota Federation of Republican Women. Denise successfully ran the Facebook social media campaign for 2022 Ellsworth Air & Space Show. Rapid City’s Mayor appointed her to the City Human Relations Task Force where she demonstrated her ability to work with diverse groups and build common ground on very complex issues.

“I truly believe unity is not absence of disagreement but a consensus to agree to work together. I am looking forward to representing South Dakota at the RNC and working with county party leaders and grassroots efforts at home to strengthen our party’s messaging. I’ll bring unity to the Party and serve all South Dakota Republicans,” Maher said.

17 thoughts on “Denise Maher Announces Candidacy for Republican National Committeewoman”

  1. Denise would make an excellent committeewoman. I can wholeheartedly support her. We need good conservative leaders for the future and she will be one.

  2. Piling on the hugbox. She’s bright and understands governing means balancing competing interests. Great candidate.

  3. Now Denise is just what the GOP ordered! She’s a smart lady, gets things done and is a positive influence! Thank you Denise for throwing your hat in. We know you are one busy person, but you know what they say….. When you want to get something done, ask a busy person!

    1. I have worked with Denise on several projects and she is a professional. She has continually demonstrated her ability to work with diverse groups of people to find common ground on issues. We could sure use more of that with our party. I sure wish you’d have included your name in this critique.

      1. It’s a question not a criticism. Not everyone knows her like you do. In this environment it’s a valid concern.

        1. Fair enough. I know Denise well— she’s very respected by Republicans across the party, from elected officials to party people to grassroots. No single person is loved by all, but Denise is about as close as you can get. Add in her professionalism, dedication, and skillset, and you have a pretty fantastic candidate. 🙂

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