Dusty Johnson says you can shake off that mask

Congressman Dusty Johnson has posted a video to Facebook to let everyone know that if you’re vaccinated, you can shake that mask off and find a new use for it:

8 thoughts on “Dusty Johnson says you can shake off that mask”

  1. PS – Did dusty also post corresponding data suggesting that vaccinated people are protected?

    Spoiler alert – I do not believe there is any such data.

    1. I believe there is a study showing to date people who have had the disease or have had the vaccine had something like a .0075% chance of getting the disease or some mutation of it. I believe that is pretty well protected.

  2. My total mask time was less than 30 hours and I no longer own a mask. I will only put one on if a medical facility requires it as they are protecting people from all contagious diseases.

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