Epitaphs for the 2022 Republican Primary Election

Here’s a few thoughts as the election ends from those who may not have found the favor of voters..

“I congratulate Governor Noem on her win in the election. We are all called to ‘pray for those in authority’ and we will continue to do that on behalf of the Governor and all of our elected leaders.”
– Steve Haugaard, Candidate for Governor, Facebook.

“I entered this race because I believe we are losing our country and we need to send people to DC who will stand up and fight for our citizens, our Constitution, and the principles that made this nation the greatest nation on earth. I still believe that, but I respect the will of the people of this great state.”
– Taffy Howard, Candidate for Congress, Facebook.

“The primary over, I offer my congratulations to the candidates more for my own good than for any others’. In the midst of disappointment, time to lay aside talk and gestures that cause hurt.”
 – Mark Mowry, Candidate for US Senate, Facebook.

“The Whalen candidacy was ultimately a referendum on South Dakota. The state chose Thune and other status quo candidates to continue the march toward ratifying itself as a Giant Indian Reservation. The Stockholm Syndrome is strong with this state. The rescue continues.”
– Bruce Whalen, Candidate for US Senate, Public Statement



16 thoughts on “Epitaphs for the 2022 Republican Primary Election”

    1. Yeah. Haugaard was class personified.

      Howard continues to marginalize herself. Hence the reason she can only go so far. God gave her all the skills but her self righteous holier than thou go it alone attitude holds her back.

        1. I had heard Tapio was planning to run for Lt Gov. Since he got *humiliated* in his precinct race (28% in a head-to-head!) perhaps he will reconsider….

            1. People used to complain about Nelson and Russell but Ravnsborg, Tapio and Roetman (otherwise known as the 3 musketeers) are the real bunch of crazies. Natvig I guess has thrown in with them. No word yet on how his sword work compares. Oh yeah and they also have Matt Samp running around with them too.

              Give me Stace and Lance any day over this circus.

        2. Why not? She is totally delusional. She actually thinks she is an effective legislator and that people support her. Maybe a second overwhelming rejection within three weeks would help her to see reality.

        3. I am sure Ms. Taffy harbors much seething rage at Mr. Rhoden, for a variety of truths he has spoken about her over the past few years. Would it not be delightful if we have Ms. Taffy as the Lt. Governor, taking orders from Governor Noem? BAH. That’s not going to happen. The Rhoden Rhangers will strong arm the delegates like they always do, in the dark hallways and at the dimly lit breakfast tables

          1. They won’t need to. Larry Rhoden is well-liked and respected — he’ll win in a walk.

          2. grudz, dark hallways and dimly lit breakfast tables? I wish! after an evening in Marty Jackley’s hospitality suite, most of the delegates will have to wear dark glasses indoors!

  1. South Dakota and its values demand we conduct ourselves in earnest that we might be taken seriously as a nation.

    SD SOS must be an absolute skull-shark, slash-and-burn information warrior lest Rome fall again.

    In our lifetimes, in my opinion, our election process has been problematical. It’s our way of life, now, to disregard the hard work of maintaining the foundation of self governance, which starts with education of our youth.

    Some have their heads in the game.

    Some do not.

    1. I believe CAH is also 100% in the loss column too. Maybe someday in the future they can run against each other to break the tie?

  2. The comments here are reasons why some people do not like the republican party. WE better learn how to treat people even when we lose, in times of victory. True South Dakota morals and values are of a caring and righteous people who believe in limited government, sovereignty, and less federal govt in our daily lives. But the one thing that always made South Dakota shine was its people showing each other respect. IF you are going to talk about others in a negative manner, why would outsiders join the party?

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