Over 43% of Republicans participated in primary election!

Wow. That is a tremendous turnout.

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  1. As a world class information scientist with an MS from the nation’s top program and 24 years of experience building and maintaining systems in IT, this statement is vacuous.


    Because, until we cross reference the voting records with roles from other states, who cares?

    The only people that would trust a vote are those with complete assurance of the chain of custody and quality of voter role data.

    I guess it’s time to stop pretending and start repairing.

    But, for the love of God, keep voting. We won’t know the exact moment when we have achieved peak electoral strength, while we know that moment is most certainly not now. When our votes achieve maximum value (1 for 1), like a jig in the water, you’ll want to have your vote in the pool.

    1. John Dale writes: “When our votes achieve maximum value (1 for 1), like a jig in the water, you’ll want to have your vote in the pool.”

      Ciphering. No my strong suit, I guess.

    2. John, if you were world class in anything you wouldn’t be bragging about an MS from a “top institution.”

  2. For what it’s worth, the integration between state voter roles will require each state to own their own process, which means competency in IT. I would not advocate pushing this responsibility to a third party corporation (like the one that writes the software from MN that controls SD’s voting machines).

    1. Sounds like you might want to move to a state that better aligns with your ideals.

        1. I thought you tried that…..and then had to move to Nebraska because you are a dismal failure at politics.

  3. This is so funny — the GOP bragging about the excellent turnout that was largely inspired by people wanting to vote against the GOP-endorsed Amendment C. Talk about clueless.

  4. This really isn’t breaking news considering the Dems had very few, if any candidates on their ballot at all, so what’s the point of voting when there’s nothing on the ballot?

  5. It sounds like people are impressed with the 43% Republican and 32% statewide voting turnouts. Those numbers are PATHETIC! Less than 1/3 of the voting population exercising their Constitutional right to vote while over 2/3 of the voting populace thinks it’s either beneath them to bother or don’t want to spend the time to do so. It’s ironical that the day before most of the nation was observing a day when 6,603 Americans were killed in action in Normandy, FR 72 years ago. Those men were just a few of all who have served to protect and defend our country, Constitution and way of life so that the pathetic 68% who did not bother to vote…COULD VOTE! By comparison, the first time the Iraqis could vote in 2005 resulted in a 79.6% turnout with the voters under the threat of death. They were not given “I Voted” stickers…they were identified to friends and foe by their purple thumbs. Here we can vote without the threat of terrorism. Plato was right when he stated, a long time ago that “The price of apathy in government affairs is to be ruled by evil men”. I personally care not about the party to which anyone belongs. We are not all alike and even I am not in 100% agreement with ANY of my elected officials. However, I do respect those who have the guts and confidence to stand up against the Goliaths and I salute Taffy Howard, Bruce Whalen and Steve Haugaard and am proud to have supported them in this campaign.

  6. Of the South Dakota Democrats who voted, only 2.8% of them received partisan ballots because they had no statewide primaries and only two legislative districts with primaries. Where there was not a democratic party primary, Democrats received the same ballot as independents and only voted on the Constitutional Amendment. Thus it is misleading to infer only 2.8% of South Dakota Democrats voted.

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