I wonder if Cole Heisey should have spent his energies otherwise?

As I was driving home last night after the election event at the Hilton Garden Inn, going up Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls, I noticed this big “Cole Heisey for House” billboard that was nowhere near his District.

And seeing the results today, where Amber Arlint and Terry Loudenslager are 13 votes apart waiting for the canvas and likely recount, I can’t help but wonder…

If Cole had spent more time running his race against his opponents, instead of a semi-obnoxious political blog, I wonder how many of the 220 votes he needed to move from fourth place to second could he have made up?

6 thoughts on “I wonder if Cole Heisey should have spent his energies otherwise?”

  1. To tell the truth, it would have been hard to beat Greg Jamison in any race. I support ALL CITIZEANS who make an effort to run for any such public office. You put your name on the line, take so much criticism, abuse, and political attacks for your ideals, beliefs, values, that I will never attack anyone, nor criticize them. I may be old school, cause I try to take the high road more than not. You cannot argue with Greg Jamison, probally one of the most conservative individuals in the Legislature.

    1. Mike writes: “I support ALL CITIZENS who make an effort to run for any such public office.”


      He is pictured hanging out with the Proud Boys at a rally last year. He is a radical. But you, on your “high road”, can support him running for office?

      Standards. It’s OK to have them.

      1. When was ever apart of any protest or rally on public property, that is news to me. I have never participated nor involved myself in any such political type event on public streets, propert, or event.

        When yoy spread lies and misrepresentations on others, it clearly shows more of your beliefs than it anyone else.

        1. They’re not saying YOU went to the rally with the Proud Boys, Mike. They’re saying COLE did. (See Pat’s photo above of Cole at the rally.) They’re making a commentary on you for supporting candidates like Cole.

    2. I would say every citizen should serve their community in some fashion.
      – Run and serve in an elected office
      – Serve on local board or panel
      – Through a local charitable organization
      – Volunteer Firefighter
      – Reserve Law Enforcement

      No one should be looked down upon based solely of how much or how little they served

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