Friends of John Thune 2022 1q FEC: 1.25M raised, 311k spent, 16M Cash on hand

John Thune might be running against the island of misfit toys in the primary. But it has not slowed his fundraising.

Because he put away $1.25 million this quarter, raising his cash on hand to over $16 million.

Seriously, his opponents are little more than jokes at this point…and that’s about all you can say.

5 thoughts on “Friends of John Thune 2022 1q FEC: 1.25M raised, 311k spent, 16M Cash on hand”

  1. We’ve voted for John every election, support him all the way and early on contributed generously to his campaign. What we don’t understand is knowing he has the very highest war che$t in congress, WHY does he continue to fundraise and why do folks still contribute. ??Feels like fleecing the family!

    1. First of all, his war chest isn’t the biggest in Congress when you have other members raising +$50 million in a few months. Since he’s in leadership, he also doles out some dollars to others who are in competitive races or that are trying to unseat Democrats.

      He should always be preparing the next election, not the current. And who knows what could happen between now and then.

  2. For starters he hardly has to spend any because of his lame opponents, when he’s had one. It’s also good to be ready should one of the few viable candidates out there ever want to take him on.

    Also, folks want to be involved and contribute to winning ideas and a winning team. He also then contributes to other candidates.

    From what I hear, they aren’t even trying that hard.

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