Fringe group hosting event claiming widespread voter fraud in South Dakota. Despite no indication of fraud.

Saw this event pop up on Facebook today.. Which is kind of a “wtf” thing, because no one has ever heard of this group, and no one has heard of widespread voter fraud in the state:

Midwest Swamp Watch is a website being run by Rick Weible of Elkton, SD, a former Minnesota Mayor, and apparently has been on the internet making claims about widespread voter fraud in Minnesota.  And now, he’s trying to sell the same sort of snake oil in South Dakota claiming that apparently there are “statewide anomalies and fraud,” similar to what the pillow guy was trying to sell in Sioux Falls this summer.

The event is being hosted by “Brookings Area Patriot Ripple Effect,” which may be an offshoot of Dave Roetman’s group in Sioux Falls.

Clearly, they’re new, and goofy election conspiracies are on their menu.

The problem one has ever heard of these election conspiracies before. And it makes it even more challenging that South Dakota uses physical paper ballots, as well as canvassing the election results after the election day vote as a “double check.”    Has anyone ever heard of this evidence ever being presented to a county auditor? Or the Secretary of State? As in the people in charge of the elections?  How about county State’s Attorneys or the Attorney General?

Of course not. Because these kind of conspiracy theories reside on the internet. Not in places where fraud is actually investigated. Because the claims just don’t seem to hang around all that long when closely examined.

I’m not sure what you do with that.

19 thoughts on “Fringe group hosting event claiming widespread voter fraud in South Dakota. Despite no indication of fraud.”

  1. It seems like those on the far left are having an effect on some people pushing them into the far fringes of the right. Both are into crazy conspiracies and it’s almost as if they are related in some way having more in common then they realize. Get ready! Thanks to Governor Noem’s invite they are moving to South Dakota so they can be free to do anything they want.

    Lord Help Us ALL!

      1. They are moving to South Dakota now for a number of reasons some of which to escape the mess they helped create and make money growing or selling weed. Cheaper houses and land.

      2. There are a few far lefty anti-vaxxers too nor as many as the Libertarian nutballs who are in the Republican Party now.

        Get this. Some openly call themselves Libertarian Socialists of America or Socialist Libertarians of America. That is like a contradiction to me. The Governor turned South Dakota into a nutball magnet.

        1. For sure there are. The crunchy granola types were the original antivaxxers. Not a lot of those in SD but definitely a lot of newly “extreme right” conservatives

    1. Figure you ‘Publicains would find a way to blame the Demos at least partially for these nutbags coming to SD. You folks are great with big lies

    2. These damn democrats, I still haven’t seen one problem in South Dakota actually caused by the Republicans. Amazing that they have so much influence here, despite having almost no representation in our government.

  2. There might be a lot more truth to this group’s claims than you think. You just might be surprised as to what actual documentation has been quashed. Just think for yourselves and not what TV or others tell you. Research on your own people!

    1. By “research,” you mean pay attention to the blogs and youtubers that you do and come to the same conclusion you do, right? You don’t want research, you want agreement.

    2. No documentation has been quashed. There isn’t any actual evidence of fraud. All the investigation by Trump’s fleet of lawyers found NOT ONE PERSON who committed fraud, except the three that voted their dead parents for TRUMP!!

  3. There was a letter in the Minnehaha Messenger on the issue. The author alleged all the ballots forwarded to “snowbirds” were fraudulent. Tens of thousands right there. She went on to demand no absentee voting at all except for military.
    In person voting only and only on Election Day. Then hand count all ballots, no machines.

  4. but, but, but they stole the election from Trump. There was fraud everywhere.

    OR… Trump won South Dakota with 62% of the vote. Tell me how there were problems in SD?

    Roetman is a leader in much of this and a kook himself.

  5. I don’t know about claims that they have found thousands of people who voted in both South Dakota and Minnesota, but there is no doubt in my mind that the meat packing industry has multiple people with the same names, birthdates and social security numbers all over the country.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they are also registered to vote under those identities

    1. Are you throwing your lot in with John Dale? This position of convenience will bite us in the butt, Anne. It already is.

    2. Wow meat packing specifically huh? Wonder why you picked that profession. Did you know most Hispanics vote Republican? At least they’re citizens if they have SSNs right?

  6. Instead of criticizing it, why don’t you do what a reporter is supposed to do. Go to and analyze the data given and then give your opinion? We have major issues in South Dakota just like many other states do. Your ignorance to suppress it is a major part of the problem. These people doing this are doing this on their own dime because our elected officials refuse to.

    Do your job, go see if the information they are giving is factual. I have and it really scary what is going on.

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