Frye Mueller holding press conference today, to give her side of the story, and dig the hole deeper.

Sounds like Julie Frye Mueller is going to dig her hole a little deeper today. From my mailbox:

IMMEDIATE ADVISORY: Sen. Frye-Mueller to issue staement

Senator Julie Frye-Mueller
(605) 391-1663
[email protected]




Rapid City, SD (January 27, 2023) – Senator Julie Frye-Mueller will be making a public statement in response to the recent actions by the Senate.

WHAT:          Statement by Senator Julie Frye-Mueller in response to recent Senate actions

WHO:            Senator Julie Frye-Mueller

WHEN:          January 28, 2023, 2 pm

WHERE:       Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 1273,

420 Main St,

Rapid City, SD 57701



Senator Julie Frye-Mueller
(605) 391-1663
[email protected]

27 thoughts on “Frye Mueller holding press conference today, to give her side of the story, and dig the hole deeper.”

  1. I hope she’s hiring the best lawyer in the state, pound for pound, for her upcoming trial. Assume tonchi is on the crisis management team. Is there room for flossy to help out? Fire up the van Ethel, we are all headed to Pierre!

  2. Imagine badgering someone so bad that they get fed up and throw you out of their office, and then thinking YOU’RE the victim when you get in trouble for it.

    Sen. Frye-Mueller’s idea of “advancing freedom” by bullying people is vaguely reminiscent of “advancing Christianity” by burning heretics at the stake.

    I know many folks who won’t shop at her store for fear of her (or Jody’s) lectures. I know multiple people who have been literally driven to tears by her brashness.

    Should she have her due process? Absolutely! But these folks who are jumping to her defense because they think she’s somehow being persecuted because of her beliefs need to realize she’s not on trial for her convictions, she’s on trial for her alleged behavior.

    1. I understand that she has an overly aggressive personality that comes out when she is passionate about an issue. However, if that alone is grounds for this perceived witch hunt, I have a case against at least a dozen people. That is insane.

      We will have to wait for the FACTS, not ALLEGATIONS, to come out. So far, it would seemed that she had the audacity to talk about vaccinations and breastfeeding. If that is the extent of it, we have a much bigger problem in Pierre than JFM’s personality.

    2. Sadly, many of these ‘I’m more conservative than anyone’/’so far right, they’re left’ use the Dem’s tactics of bullying and aggression and somehow think they’re the only ones that are right or conservative. They need to come up for some air and get a dose of reality and start working with the people they’re in agreement with 80+% of the time instead of bashing them. But for now, that’s the type of behavior I’ve seen.

    3. G.O. exactly. The problem with the fringe is they get behind candidates who are grossly incompetent or terrible candidates. Such as Dave Natvig, Haugaard, Ravnsborg, Whalen… the list goes on and on.

      They are really protesting and then can’t understand why they are so ineffective.

            1. Yeah, obviously, they are just like the Jews during the holocaust, didn’t you hear MTG talk about this during the pandemic? Nobody, in the history of our species, has been attacked more than the modern day GOP member. They are the real survivors trying to tell the truth, like Obama started racism first, and his middle name was Hussein. They fought off the caravan attacks at the southern border valiantly every even year, 4 months prior the the election, and won. They take good friends of people like Phil Jensen, and put them in jail, simply for being a patriot and protesting the stolen election. Yet, they keep on fighting!

              Soon, these patriots will be able to get in power, and direct every humans life in this country. These leaders know how you should live, and you should just get in line and salute them and heed every demand issued. If you work hard while you are on this planet, do everything they say, and make sure to give them your earnings, then maybe you will get a chance at the eternal reward of Heaven. Don’t get greedy, your time will come after you die.

  3. “I understand that she has an overly aggressive personality that comes out when she is passionate about an issue.”

    To err is human. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t lost their cool on occasion when dealing with a passionate subject, myself certainly included. But it’s a horse of a different color when you’re dealing with subordinates (and to any LRC folks reading this, please know that I use that term solely in the professional sense). When someone’s job description and duties include not being able to just walk away from you, you do not get to abuse that relationship or harass them.

    “We will have to wait for the FACTS, not ALLEGATIONS, to come out.”

    Absolutely. And that’s what the committee is to discover, and the body of the Senate is to judge. I will say, however, if there was enough preliminary evidence for 26 senators to vote in favor of suspending her, I’d say we’re all in for a few surprises when the details* come out.

    (* Being a personnel issue, I’m sure there will be a certain level of discretion with regard to how much personal information is made public.)

  4. Whoops. Sorry that reply didn’t get properly nested inline. That was to Anonymous @ 2:06pm.

    1. It better be much more than a she said/she said issue. Didn’t we have enough of that with all of the Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearings? There may be real issues or there may only be a group of RINOs who will do anything they can to eliminate the biggest thorn they have pushing back on them. Left leaning people use that strategy often, just ask President Trump.

      1. One thing you should know about me is that I’ve never used political leanings as a basis of trust. There are socialist Bernie Bros. who I would trust to watch my kids in a heartbeat (my highest mark of trust), and there are Libertarians to whom I wouldn’t even introduce my kids.

        Case in point, I’ve been friends with Sen. Klumb since we were TARs. I don’t see eye to eye with him on a fair number of political issues (Josh — if you’re reading this, pleeeease drop your co-sponsorship of Sen. Wiik’s rubbish RCV ban bill, haha), but I trust him. And I know he’s no sycophant. He wouldn’t vote for this just because someone told him to. So, while I am regrettably not a senator — ironically, this wouldn’t be happening if I were — and don’t have the gory details they do, I trust that there was sufficient evidence for the vote coming down in the overwhelming manner it did.

        1. There is a big difference between trusting someone to watch your kids and trusting someone to do the right thing for your country or state.

          1. That’s true. My kids are more important than the other 909,820 of you. 😉

            But in all seriousness, my point is about integrity. If (big “if”) the senators were pursuing this merely for political reasons, it would show an astounding lack of integrity. So if someone I know to be a man of high integrity voted to suspend, based on information he possesses and I do not, I feel justified in my belief that this is not a purely political move.

            1. The only thing I know is that time will hopefully tell. I have little confidence in the media to ever present an unbiased news story these days. So, we will see. But don’t ever underestimate the things politics will cause people to do.

      2. The temerity to lecture others about evidence while supporting the guy STILL saying the election was stolen…. and this is coming from a guy who thinks the manner in which JFM’s case has been handled is highly questionable.

          1. Then you are completely incapable of reading.

            1. I responded to a person bringing up Trump
            2. I deflected nothing and admitted the process around JFM was questionable.

            So, if I didn’t deflect and wasnt the one who brought Trump up, maybe you should lay off the rubber cement.

  5. What was the guy standing next to her wearing for a TShirt that KELO felt the need to blur it out?

  6. It it too bad that 90% of the state of South Dakota wasn’t within driving distance to make it to yesterday’s Press Conference by Sen. Julie Frye-Muller. All of you missed a great event! The South Dakota Senate literally destroyed itself when it voted to suspend the Senate rules and deny due process rights to South Dakota Senator Julie Frye-Muller. Due Process is the right of EVERY American citizen under both the US Constitution and the South Dakota Constitution – regardless of person, position, or political party. All the South Dakota Senators who where a Yea vote on this motion directly violated their oath of office.

    “Sen. Herman Otten and Sen. Rohl moved to suspend the rules to create a Select Committee on Discipline and Expulsion to investigate the conduct of Senator Julie Frye-Mueller under special rules to be adopted and TO IMMEDIATELY SUSPEND SENATOR JULIE FRYE-MULLER FROM EXERCISING ANY RIGHTS OR PRIVILEGES AS A SENATOR pending the outcome of the investigation.”

    Yeas: Bolin, Bordeaux, Breitling, Castleberry, Crabtree, Davis, Deibert, Diedrich, Duhamel, Hunhoff, David Johnson, Klumb, Jack Kolbeck, Steve Kolbeck, Larson, Maher, Mehlhaff, Nesiba, Novstrup, Herman Otten, Reed, Rohl, Schoenbeck, Schoenfish, Stalzer, Tobin, and Wheeler

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