Good news, bad news. Brookings book burning proponents gathering legislative petition signatures tomorrow in shop where people go to read

I was given permission to let the cat out of the bag this AM today that long-time politico Kristi Golden is going to run for office as a candidate for District 9 House. Since her days doing press for Larry Pressler, Kristi has been involved in Republican politics and public affairs for decades, and is an absolute gem of a person.   Which is good news!

In bad news, unfortunately, apparently now both of the main people behind last year’s attempt at book banning in the Brookings School District are running for the legislature. And they’re gathering petition signatures at a Brookings coffee shop where people go to study and read books.

In an announcement posted to social media by one of the spouses, Rick Weible had announced earlier for District 8 house, but has apparently shifted gears and instead of being beaten by the two house candidates is setting himself up to be beaten by the incumbent Senator, Majority Leader Casey Crabtree. And also contained in that same post is a note that Jeff Struwe, who worked closely with Weible on their efforts to ban books in Brookings Schools (about 1:59:00 in on the linked video), is also going to be a candidate for the State Legislature, this time in District 7.

And both book burners will be gathering signatures tomorrow at the Cottonwood Coffee Shop in Brookings, a popular spot for local high school and college students to study and read while they drink coffee.

So, stop and pause a minute, and think about this.   Two of the main people who wanted to ban books from being read by students in Brookings are going to be gathering petition signatures in a place where students go to read.


20 thoughts on “Good news, bad news. Brookings book burning proponents gathering legislative petition signatures tomorrow in shop where people go to read”

    1. Please tell me what business it is of yours that you feel the need to parent other people’s children? Also please define exactly what is sexually perverse material.

        1. 90% sure that the book your talking (lying) about is the “graphic adaption” of Anne franks diary. It’s been prohibited in school districts across the nation, not the actual diary.

  1. Is this the beginnings of the new South Dakota “Dumpster Fire Party” being the new self described conservative movement?

    Platform includes:

    This includes the banning and burning of Stephen King’s books?
    Push election fraud
    Attack Taylor Swift
    Activating our National Guard to counter Chemtrails?

        1. as of May 10, 2023, 746,118 of South Dakotans had received at least once dose of covid vaccine.

          In the USA, as of May 10, 2023, the total number of vaccinated people was 270, 227,181.

          The anti-vaxxers are coming in at about 20% of the population.

  2. Some one chooses the books for public libraries. These people have the right to have their thoughts heard. Non-elected librarians do not have the right to manipulate what books are read and not read with out public input. And name calling decreases ones credibility.

    1. “Non-elected librarians?” WTF? As if being elected makes someone special?

      Most librarians have masters and doctorate degrees in doing their job. There are a lot of people elected who probably struggled with 8th grade. Thinking that goes for some people commenting as well.

      1. The elected are not special they are accountable. Parents and grandparents should determine the boundaries of what their children should read not a librarian.

        1. What happened to the party of personal responsibility? We don’t need Theocratic Authoritarians controlling every aspect of our lives by pushing their extremism on the rest of us. When you have books we all grew up with reading as minors and watched movies years by Stephen King being banned that is nuts!

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