Weible switching gears, and going mano y mano against the Senate Majority Leader

From the book of face, it looks like they far right is switching gears in District 8, as Rick Weible, who was running for House, is now said to be running for Senate by the gal who failed in that race last time;

Wasn’t Rick ‘the self-declared hero’ running for another office a while ago? He’s just running from his own accolades to new office so quickly! And now he’s running against State Senator Casey Crabtree.

I suspect Crabtree will let him down the easiest, as opposed to the two ex-sheriffs who might put handcuffs on him and investigate his background (just kidding). They might scowl at him too.

8 thoughts on “Weible switching gears, and going mano y mano against the Senate Majority Leader”

  1. I think you mean “mano a mano” ? Means head to head or hand to hand, like one on one fighting. Mono y mono means “monkey and monkey” Freudian slip? LOL!

  2. Weible will be “in the back room.” That seems appropriate!

    Casey is a rising star. Weible is a wannabe.

  3. Casey will be the governor someday. We are trying to keep the Trump nuts at bay in District 8 but they are like a pesky weed.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is the funniest * * * * I have heard all day !! Crabtree will wafflestomp him… I think the better job you do the crazier candidate primary you get ! LOL

    1. Let us give young Mr. Weible a chance here. He has been stomped before, but in his mind he can dominate in the Great State of South Dakota. So let him take a run.

      Mr. Weible, be warned if you wander into the District Numbered 30, where insanity is already deep, grudznick will just end your dabbles. Do not dabble in D30.

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