Chatter going around that Taffy Howard is going to run for State Senate. Is she going to skip 14% like her last legislative session?

Oh barf. Nobody is paying much attention to Taffy Howard anymore, so the word on-line is that – allegedly – she’s going to run for District 34 State Senate.

If that’s actually true, seriously, after her performance the last time she was in Pierre, why would they send her?

Over the last 3 years of being in Pierre, she was 0-17 on her legislation. And when she was running for Congress, her performance was much worse:

I had a note from a legislator in the State Legislature who was noticing that when it came to voting on bills on the floor of the State House of Representatives, State Representative and Congressional wannabe Taffy Howard seemed to be more and more absent. As was noted to me “she is here today but seems to be nowhere to be found on occasion, specifically whenever we are voting on BOR issues.”

I’d also heard talk that she’d duck out to go do fundraising, etc. in connection with her Congressional campaign.

Reading that and having heard those rumors, I thought it would be an interesting research project to figure out if that was just a fleeting and possibly unfair impression from the other residents of the State Capitol. Or if she was just not there when she was supposed to be.

And here’s what I found. According to House Journals, out of about 377 recorded roll count votes in the State House of Representatives, there were 53 votes where Taffy was marked as “Excused.” Calculating it out, Taffy Howard missed 14% of the floor votes she was sent to Pierre to represent her District on.

Read it here.

And if you click on that link. you can review each and every bill she skipped voting on yourself. Not BS. Not Puffery. She skipped 14% of all floor votes in her last session to duck out for campaigning or to avoid challenging votes. And after session she also skipped casting a vote on impeachment.

Why on earth would ANYONE want to send someone with that kind of record to represent them in the State Senate in Pierre?

9 thoughts on “Chatter going around that Taffy Howard is going to run for State Senate. Is she going to skip 14% like her last legislative session?”

  1. sir – this is the kind of up-close examination of facts that the grand old party just doesn’t need right now. i’m not surprised you got banned.

    1. Darned facts. I mean, why would people wanna know when their legislator just doesn’t show up?

      1. to apply a star trek analogy – MAGA just wants to see captain kirk blast things with his phaser – they don’t want to know about william shatner mistreating coworkers and selfishly rewriting all the scripts to give himself all the good lines.

  2. Well she was a terrible legislator so I hope she doesn’t get elected.

    If she does, though, I hope she can improve on that 14% absence rate to more like 100%!

    Many legislators have commented on how nice it is to no longer have their time wasted on every bill by the irrelevant musings of Taffy Howard and Steve Haugaard.

  3. Ms. Taffy, who is very pretty, is insaner than most and ducks the tough votes. Skullpuffery.

  4. I would like to see her run against Dusty again. Dusty is good at closing gates after the cattle are out,

  5. Taffy moved to District 34. She will not win! District 34 is not daffy enough to fall for her inept antics.

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