GOP Legislative Leaders drop the hammer on members forming competing caucuses.

Republican Leaders in the State House and State Senate have drawn a line in the sand this week with regards to legislators setting up renegade caucuses raising their own money and setting their own agenda separate from that of the Republican Caucus.

(I think they’re looking at you and your cherry-picked scorecard caucus, Senator Nelson)

A letter went out, and it’s telling prospective legislators that there are expectations if they’re going to be part of the Republican caucus. And Commandment #1 is thou shalt have no caucus before us:

Basically, it asks them for a commitment to show up & not be a jerk. And that if they intend to be a member of a non-Republican caucus, it informs them they will not dedicate resources to their campaign, nor will they be considered for leadership positions. And they shouldn’t expect to take part in voting for who will lead the Republican caucus if they don’t want to be a part of it.

I suspect that this comes in response to Senator Stace Nelson, who spent altogether too much time plotting with Democrats against GOP Leadership, and announced the formation of his own caucus, with the intent of competing with the Republican caucus to raise money for the people he likes. Which seems an appropriate reason to draw a line in the sand before the caucus starts dedicating money into the legislative races.

In other words, if they want to be a member of the Republican caucus, they’d love to have them, and will assist them.

If not.. and they want to form their own caucus, or join the Constitution or Democrat Parties… well, they’re free to do that as well. And they can’t say they haven’t been warned.

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    1. So essentially the group of legislators that has had Daugaard endorsing and spending money against them for the past 5 years was told they are on their own? I think they have been on their own for a while.

      This is in response to Stace making a calculated mistake of challenging Rhoden.

  1. This says it all…………….I recommend the book “Co-dependent no More” Melody Beattie.

  2. “to ensure that conservative Republican principles are protected”

    So individualism is not considered a conservative Republican principle by the SDGOP legislative leadership. The letter is about doing the opposite.

    1. Just because Stace says he is conservative doesn’t make it so….they can call themselves whatever they want but clearly they are trying to break away fromt he party but still want the advantages…time to choose

      1. “Just because Stace says he is conservative doesn’t make it so”

        The same goes for those who signed the above letter.

        1. well this little tennis match can be played all day but, but as the russians say the person with the big gun has the power. party leaders do kind of get to say how things go. don’t bank on the party benefits if you plan to overthrow the party in other ways.

          1. Interesting you would use the Russians to describe the situation. Especially on the heals of the latest controversy.

            1. interesting that you would point out how interesting it is to cast a shadow of fear and insinuation. i just wanted to draw you out a bit. your joe mccarthy routine is funny.

                1. i have not now nor have i ever been a member of the communist party or affiliated with the international communist conspiracy. feel better now?

    2. Steve, if they don’t want to be members of the GOP caucus, no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head. They are just making them aware that they shouldn’t expect anything from the GOP caucus if they join the Democrat caucus, or form their own.

      You don’t join the Elks and expect benefits from the Moose lodge.

  3. Mr. Nelson and his puppets and puppet masters could easily join the Democrat caucuses and take them over, bending the weak-minded over their knees.

  4. I’m tired of the cults of group think that form in Pierre.

    If you are the governor or leadership you dont like criticism or those who dont buy in or rubber stamp your agenda. If you disagree then you get primaried and money spent against you.

    If you are a Stace Nelson supporter then you get scorecarded and called a Rino for not being a blind follower.

    Both sides dislike dissention. They should grow up and encourage furious debate and discussion of the issues and what it means to be a Republican instead of trying to silence each other out of spite.

  5. Funny that Nelson is so quite about this. It seems he has lost a lot of influence. Checkmate?

    1. Well Stace did get beat pretty badly in all his endeavors at the convention, he was sent running with his tail between his legs.

  6. It would be interesting to see if Stacey promises his constituency in Dist. 20 that he will do what’s best for them. If so, it’s obviously a lie. He goes out of his way to alienate anyone he doesn’t agree with… which are most all of the other republican legislators… leaving him totally powerless as a legislator.

    Stacey should remove his name from the ballot. He obviously has his own ego in line ahead of his constituents.

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