Gov. Daugaard’s Statement On Same-Sex Marriage Decision


Gov. Daugaard’s Statement On Same-Sex Marriage Decision

PIERRE, S.D. – This morning, the United States Supreme Court announced its decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, holding that states must issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.

“I would have preferred for this change to come through the democratic process, rather than the courts,” said Gov. Daugaard. “We are a nation of laws, and the state will follow the law. I will be working with the Attorney General to ascertain what this ruling means for state and local governments.”


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  1. The decision was made at the place it needed to be made. The democratic process produced laws that were in violation of the constitution, therefor it took the supreme court to make a decision after interpreting the constitution which required them to overturn the bad laws.

    If you are not a member of the group impacted by this it does not change anything in your life, just carry on and live your life as you always have.

    I have been married in a court house, no church involved, this is not a religious matter no matter how much you want to turn it into one.

    Congratulations to all those who will now be treated more equally.

  2. When the Governor wrote that he “would have preferred for this change to come through the democratic process”, did he mean to proclaim that he approved of the outcome of having so-called same sex marriage in all 50 states?

  3. More hypocrisy from the governor. We had an example of the most-democratic process completely violated by the legislature last year and he signed the bill.

  4. Anonymous 9:33,

    I don’t read the comment that way at all. There are a lot of things in law that come through the legislative process I disagree with. However, when it comes via the legislative process, legislatures can reverse themselves if they deem the decision bad policy and the people can hold the legislators themselves responsible.

    When law is created via the courts, the people have no recourse. I think that is the essence of what the Governor is saying based on the context.

    1. Why is it that when RINO elected officials come out and show their true colors, Troy Jones jumps out there to defend them?

      Let’s not forget, Chicago lawyer Denny Daugaard opposed the religious freedom bills that sought to protect our clergy from having to conduct marriages that violate their religious beliefs.

  5. Why is it when I think someone asked an honest question and I answer it how I see it, someone responds with inferring a person selected by over 80% of Republicans to be their nominee is a “RINO” and refers to his first job with an implied connection to something sinister in Illinois?

    1. The majority called for Christ to be crucified over a murderer AND Hitler won overwhelmingly to become chancellor. Elections are not a litmus test on who is right or wrong.

      Daugaard is responsible for major tax and fee increases as well as significant growth in state government.

      What is nefarious is the concerted efforts to hide his Chicago lawyer background.

  6. Conservative 11:40 a.m.,

    You are goofy when you say “What is nefarious is the concerted efforts to hide his Chicago lawyer background.” He sure isn’t very good at hiding it since this is from his official bio on the state website.

    “Following graduation, Daugaard attended law school at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. During law school, he held jobs as a bus driver, law clerk, and security guard. After earning his law degree in 1978, Daugaard passed the Illinois bar exam and worked in the Chicago area for three years.”

    Further, what he did in Chicago was work in the area of Trusts which is probably the most technical and non-controversial area of the legal profession. So, if you are asserting he is hiding that he is hiding his first post-graduate job was in what I think is the most boring aspect of being a lawyer and banking, I wonder why he later says in his biography on the state website:

    “From 1981 to 1990, Daugaard worked for what is now US Bank in Sioux Falls. Daugaard was ultimately promoted to vice president, and was responsible for trust administration and new business development in eastern South Dakota.”

  7. The “Chicago lawyer” attack on Daugaard is really stupid. Whenever I see it I ignore everything the person says. It tells me that person is not serious.

  8. I agree. It is why after one try to ridicule the statement (said by a Stace supporter) I decided to let it speak for the vileness of the guy.

    But, when the moron decided to say the Governor was trying to hide it, I couldn’t resist, even though I now regret correcting him.

    P.S. The IP address matches one who changes names (even in the same thread to make it look like multiple people think the same thing) and singular theme- he and those who are similar morons are the only “true conservatives”.

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