Gov. Noem Launches “33 in a 65” Ad for Freedom Works Here

Gov. Noem Launches “33 in a 65” Ad for Freedom Works Here

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem launched the “33 in a 65”ad as part of the Freedom Works Here nationwide workforce recruitment campaign. The ad features Governor Noem as a state trooper to recruit more law enforcement officers to South Dakota.

 “South Dakota is the Freest state in America,” said Governor Noem. “Now we’re making it the safest by putting more police on our streets. So I’m on the road until we can hire more.”

In the ad, Governor Noem pulls over Congressman Dusty Johnson for driving too slow – “33 in a 65.”

“We respect law enforcement because they protect our Freedoms,” continued Governor Noem. “We have no state income tax and the fastest growing incomes.”

Governor Noem launched Freedom Works Here in June to tell South Dakota’s story and recruit more Freedom-loving Americans to the state. It has been the most successful workforce recruitment campaign in state history. More than 8,800 people have expressed interest in moving to South Dakota, and 2,230 of those have connected with our team to begin their move – some have already moved here! The ads have been viewed over 950 million times.

These numbers represent those working directly through the “Freedom Works Here” program. Even more people are finding jobs and moving to South Dakota of their own accord after seeing the ads.

You can read about some Freedom Works Here success stories here and here. More information about the Freedom Works Here campaign can be found at


10 thoughts on “Gov. Noem Launches “33 in a 65” Ad for Freedom Works Here”

  1. “We respect law enforcement because they protect our Freedoms,” Kristi Noem

    Disclaimer: The Justice Department, FBI and Capitol Police may not be included in the definition of “law enforcement” for purposes of this ad.

    1. disclaimer II: any present or future appearance of tucker carlson could be an a.i. deepfake.

      re: ad – good thing it’s not “87 in an 80” which is a thing for some sd drivers.

    2. “we respect the second amendment”, Kristi Noem

      Disclaimer: unless you use medical marijuana, then we want to lock you up in jail because it annoys us (HB 1024).

  2. Got a case for you Marty, a Class 1 misdemeanor

    22-40-16. Impersonation of officer, employee, firefighter, or person causing injury or fraud–Misdemeanor.

    Any person who intentionally impersonates any public officer or employee, civil or military, or any firefighter or any person having special authority by law to perform any act affecting the rights or interests of another, or assumes, without authority, any uniform or badge by which such officer, employee, firefighter, or person is usually distinguished, and in such assumed character does any act whereby another person is injured or defrauded, is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

    1. Todd, I hope this is in jest as nothing she did affects “the rights or interests of another” nor did she do anything where “another person is injured or defrauded.” You have to read the entire law to understand how and where it applies.

  3. This is sorta ironic given Noem’s history of speeding and even two warrants for her arrest.

    “State records going back to November 1989 show Noem with a total of 28 citations: 20 speeding tickets plus two violations for failure to stop at an intersection, two for not wearing a seat belt and two for having expired plates on her vehicle and one each for not having her driver’s license with her and not renewing her vehicle registration.”

    1. LOL, do you think consequences apply to inner party members like this? Come on, laws are for poor people and democrats, that’s how we make money.

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